New iOS 9.3 Build 13E237 Download Out, Fixes “Cannot Activate” Bug


Apple has just pushed out an over-the-air update, iOS 9.3 build 13E237, which is a newer version compared to the previous build 13E233 released on March 21.

This update should be available over-the-air, or by updating via iTunes.

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According to MacRumors, this update addresses the “cannot activate” bug that affected the iPad 2, but this iOS version applies to other older devices now.

No word if it fixes the broken web links bug currently affecting iPhone and iPad users.

Download links below:


  • Mr. Mac

    It didn’t fix the link bug for me. My iPad Air first became affected by the link bug awhile back but it initially went away after rebooting and resetting Safari. I couldn’t get it to go away yesterday so I was hoping that updating to 9.3 would fix it today but, alas, the problem persists. My iPhone 6 Plus also has the link bug since updating to 9.3 yesterday but it never had the bug before that.

  • Riddlemethis

    Reality check folks: the days of Apple offering solid reliable device updates have died with Steve Jobs. Wait at least a month before updating your device. Besides, on older devices, NIght Shift is not available. So why update if you don’t need to?