iOS, Android Captured a Record 99.9% Market Share in 2017


Gartner mobile os 2017

According to the latest data from research firm Gartner, iOS and Android, two of the world’s most popular mobile operating systems, captured a record 99.9% market share in 2017 (via MacRumors). Squeezing out all competing platforms last year, Android and iOS grabbed roughly 86% and 14% of global smartphone market share respectively.

Android’s dominance is unsurprising given the software is installed on dozens of different smartphone models offered at a range of price points, whereas the iPhone primarily caters to the high-end market. 

iOS and Android have been the leading mobile operating systems for many years now, but the duopoly became so dominant last year that Gartner doesn’t even break out BlackBerry and Windows Phone individually anymore. Together, the platforms accounted for less than 0.1 percent market share in 2017. 

Gartner’s data estimates that over 1.5 billion smartphones were sold worldwide last year, out of which handsets running BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile, and all other platforms accounted for only 1.5 million units. 

In terms of worldwide smartphone sales, Gartner notes that a 5.6% decline was recorded in the last quarter of 2017, marking the first year-on-year decline since it started tracking the global smartphone market in 2004. Samsung saw a year-on-year unit decline of 3.6%, although this did not prevent it from defending its No. 1 global smartphone vendor position.

Among the top 5 smartphone manufacturers, Huawei and Xiaomi were the only vendors to experience growth in Q4 of 2017.


  • Riddlemethis

    Hmm. I think it’s time Usman do something useful instead of writing about the obvious.

  • Bob

    You’re a bit of a dick, aren’t you? Why not just skip reading this article if it’s so obvious to you, as oppose to cutting someone up for doing their job, dicktard..

  • MeowMito

    1 Apple Brand vs 99.9999 Brands out there on Android OS… not surprised.

  • Jack Smith

    Not surprising that the iPhone keeps decreasing in market share. I would expect that to continue very, very slowly. Hard to imagine anyone moving from iPhone to Android but can see a lot the other way.

    I personally carry both and now have a Pixel 2 XL. It is just an amazing phone and find myself using my iPhone less and less.

  • Jack Smith

    Even just one brand of Android out sells Apple by a decent margin with Samsung.

    But more interesting is the trend. Less iPhone sold YoY again as was the same the year earlier. Plus the install base of the iPhone declining while Android increasing.

    Which is surprising as the world becomes wealthier. Would have thought it would have helped Apple instead of hurt.