iOS Developer Survey Reveals ‘Top 20% of Developers Earning 97% of Revenue’


Canadian iOS developer Owen Goss, from Streaming Colour Studios (based out of Guelph, Ontario) recently created a survey designed specifically for iOS developers. After it was all said and done, 252 devs completed his survey, as summarized in his meticulous analysis of the results. Owen’s conclusion on revenue:

What is fascinating to me is that the top 20% of developers are earning 97% of the revenue on the App Store, with the top 1% earning over 1/3 of the revenue on the App Store. The bottom 80% of game developers are earning only 3% of the revenue.

This was an informal survey conducted with Survey Monkey, and obviously does not cover the entire segment of developers. The full analysis of survey results can be found here–it might be worth taking a look if you’re a developer. The detailed stats remind of the premise of the iOS title, Game Dev Story.

[via Gamasutra]


  • xxJDxx

    Just like the real world

  • True dat

  • Canuck

    Wow they found out that the people that develop the best shit make the most money… Astonishing!!!

  • James J


    You can still make some decent money splitting that 3%