Stunning ‘iOS X’ Concept Imagines ‘Advanced Control Center’ [VIDEO]


Designer Sam Beckett just published what he imagines ‘Advanced Control Center’ would be like in iOS X. The concept brings much-needed customization to Apple’s Control Center toggles, by utilizing system features such as 3D Touch and long and deep presses for rearranging toggles.

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Becketts explains Control Center has not evolved much since its debut in iOS 7 back in 2013, aside from the upcoming Night Shift toggle coming in iOS 9.3, and the need for customization would make sense. He suggests customized toggles could bring forward frequently used settings and features such as Low Power Mode, Personal Hotspot, Cellular Data and Location Services to Control Center, which makes them quicker to access versus going through Settings.

The idea itself looks like something Apple could come up with—it’s pretty impressive. Check it out below:

Beckett periodically releases concepts, such as this one last year where he brought rumoured iOS 9 features to life.


  • FragilityG4

    God I hate fan made concepts … But this one makes sense and has been thought out nicely. This would be a great addition to command centre.
    I’ve been thinking for a while that iOS 10 will be rebranded iOS X and all major updates will now be like OS X … 10.1, 10.2 etc. with minors being 10.1.1 etc. hope this is the reality.