Awesome Graphic Compares Icons in iOS 6 vs. iOS 7 [PIC]


A digital design college student from Belgium by the name of Niels (@pawsupforu) has created  a simple graphic comparing the icons from iOS 6 versus those in iOS 7. Apple completely overhauled its new mobile operating system opting for a more vibrant colour palette with simple icons compared to the traditional gloss and skeuomorphic design from iOS 6.

Check it out below–you can quickly see the change of direction Jony Ive has taken with iOS 7:

IOS6vsiOS7 icons

Do you like the new icons in iOS 7 or the traditional design in iOS 6 more?


  • n8

    i wonder if the new time on the clock app represents anything

  • FragilityG4

    Not a fan …

  • FragilityG4

    From what I’ve read the new clock icon is animated and shows the real time …

  • MrAusnadian

    My concern is that some of them are too bright; particularly Phone, Facetime and Messages. The lime green makes it difficult to focus on the white icon.

    Also, the Safari icon looks more like a compass than the Compass icon…

  • EDKEdwin

    finally, they fixed that Maps icon, no longer does it require you to drive off the highway

  • That tiny change has saved a tonne of lives.

  • Stefan Vasiljevic

    U Can confirm that it shows real time including seconds. 🙂

  • MikeJenkinson

    Ha! 🙂

  • Simon B

    I personally feel like this is what iOS should look like years ago, perhaps the introduction of iOS 5. I was never a fan of the idea of mimicking real life objects or ‘skeumorphism’ as seen in the current iOS. I am all for using metaphor to increase familiarity and ease of use for new users but I think it just wasn’t consistent with Apple’s design mantra. I particularly dislike the current game centre app design. With that being said, there are some icons that I’m not crazy about in iOS7 such as the Newsstand app but since this is only the first version of the icons for iOS7, I am hopeful that future revisions and iterations will change that.

    The icon design in iOS7 is based on a grid and axis system that John Gruber talks about in his blog post. Most people, or “critics” think it’s just about typography, or rounded corners, or “flat UI” but it’s more structural and complex than that. I believe that Ive’s goal with his iOS re-design is to make the software complement the hardware. With iOS7, I think people will start to notice and appreciate the design of the iProducts more in terms of their usability and the experiences they afford.

    I just hope people can judge or pretend to judge every single design iteration by its own merits and in the context of its own evolution rather than comparing it to competitors.

  • MikeJenkinson

    I currently find that the clock icon in a folder also looks a lot like the compass icon when in a folder. So not sure if this is an improvement or not…

  • Al

    The move to thin lines does not factor in an aging society. At a glance, the new icons are not as readily identifiable because of that… calendar, compass, reminders, calculator, clock, etc. Maybe these will look better on retina than my ultra-crisp computer monitor.

    Messages just looks like a circle at first glance. And the minimal contrast difference between it and the bright green background make the little doohickey at the bottom harder to see.

    Camera icon is weak. Newstand is a fail. Photos, game center & Safari – you’re going to have to memorize as it isn’t apparent what it is.

    Video should be the Facetime icon. And Facetime should reflect what it really is – like a head in a box or something.

    I understand that they are the way they are for the sake of uniformity. But app developers may or may not want to follow suit – so how important is it, really?

    I’d be curious… If it was the other way around (we had these plain iOS 7 icons for years and we just saw these new (old) icons for the first time), how excited we may be?

  • Al

    Tell me how videos and passbook follow that design grid.

  • Jason

    “I’d be curious… If it was the other way around (we had these plain iOS 7
    icons for years and we just saw these new (old) icons for the first
    time), how excited we may be?”

    We would be just as excited. History with anything for the most part shows most people embrace the change. Personally I like that I will be looking at something new but cant really comment too much on ios7 until we get the update.

  • Jk

    You never are lol

  • FragilityG4

    I’m a fan of everything Apple … Except these icons …

  • eason

    some good some not so good, but the new Safari icon is the only icon i actually hate

  • Chrome262

    safari looks like a compass lol, but I am happy for a change, not thrilled with some of the choices, but at this point anything is better. Does the compass animated as well, that would be cool.

  • Totally agree with all of this. The only thing I do like about the FaceTime icon is that since the Phone, FaceTime and Messages icon are all the same shade of green, it sort of categorizes them as apps for interacting with friends.

    I like your question at the end as well. It’s interesting how our attachment to the current icons plays into our opinion of the new icons, regardless of whether or not the current icons were good in the first place. For instance, I loathe the new GameCenter icon, and much prefer the current one, but if I really think about it, I seem to recall quite disliking the GameCenter icon when I first saw it, although that’s not what I feel about it now as I’ve gotten used to it.

  • Anyone else notice that the old Maps icon is a map to Apple’s current headquarters in Cupertino and the new Maps icon is a map to the new “spaceship” campus they’re building?

  • djepsilon

    I really like everything except for the safari icon and the photos icon… calendar icon is also borderline. I think those icons actually have too much white space. Everything else looks pretty stellar.

  • djepsilon

    We get it Al. You don’t like iOS 7. We get it.

  • Olley

    I totally dig these new icons except Stocks and Compass – black background seems unfitted with the rest.

  • artikas

    Lol I don’t think anyone of us will think about the icons once a month after the release. But while we are at it, I really like the new settings icon but i don’t think it’s shown up there

  • Peter Pottinger

    I’ve seen a lot of icons in my days (web designer) and even made a few and these by far are the worst icons i’ve ever seen.

  • Al

    The question at the bottom of the story was “Do you like the new icons in iOS 7 or the traditional design in iOS 6 more?”. I’m just being detailed.
    And it also shows I can look at things logically and form my own well thought out, logical perspective – as opposed to emotionally driven lemmings. The type who, when they can no longer support their emotional opinion, get personal.

  • Raj

    If anyone wants to try IOS 7 email me @, I can add you in my developer account.

  • Rudiger

    who cares what the icon looks like, how are the apps better than they were before? zOMG direct access to toggle settings, that android/jailbreakers have had since 2009. Too little too late in my opinion as ive already switched to android.

  • Rudiger

    or you can just look at the time always displayed at the top of your phone, or the lock screen, seems like a waste of resources to me.

  • MrAusnadian

    Agreed. The new Safari icon looks like a bad custom icon from Deviant Art!

  • MrAusnadian

    For real?

  • ward09

    Some of them look okay – the ones that are similar to the current icons – but others are just weird.

  • Al

    I just figured it out! If you take 48bit colour blending and line detail, and 8bit space and shape limitations – what do you get? These icons!
    (well, some of them anyway)
    Yea – now I’m just being an a$$

  • Anon

    These “new” icons are a downgrade from iOS 6. Although not horrible, it’s not great either.

  • FerrariF1

    Great Catch!