New iOS 7.1.1 Lockscreen Flaw Bypasses iPhone in Seconds [VIDEO]


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Apparently iOS 7.1.1 has a new lockscreen flaw which can allow someone to bypass your iPhone in seconds, as noted in a demo on YouTube by EverythingApplePro (via ZDNet).

The hack only works if Control Center access is enabled from the lockscreen and you happened to have a missed call. The hack involves enabling Airplane Mode via Control Center, then going to Notification Center and tapping on the missed call notification, which then allows access to the most recently opened app. Check out the video below:

Update: We were able to duplicate this supposed flaw (iOS 7.1.1 on an iPhone 5s), but it apparently works on the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5s/5c on iOS 7.1.1. The YouTube channel says they spent ‘about 2 hours’ figuring out this bypass, which makes us believe someone has too much time on their hands.

You can protect yourself from this flaw by disabling Control Center access from the lockscreen. Just go to…

Settings > Control Center > Access on Lock Screen > toggle OFF

Another way to protect yourself is to ensure your phone is on the homescreen prior to it locking.

Last fall, iOS 7.0.2 was also susceptible to a lockscreen flaw, which Apple later fixed.

Let us know if you’re able to duplicate this flaw as we’ll keep trying, and will keep you updated.

Update: We were able to confirm this flaw does exist as we were able to replicate it. You need to ensure an app is running prior to locking the screen as per the instructions.


  • iPhone 5 User

    Was able to replicate it on an iPhone 5

  • Steve Chan

    Yes, I can duplicate this on my iPhone 5S.

    What I found is that you must have the app still open one the iPhone. Press power to go to lock screen. I call myself from another phone then hang up. Switch my iPhone to Airplane mode. Then swipe on the missed call notification. It jumps back into my last app that was opened, which was my password manager!

    This does not work when the iPhone is showing the home screen with all the icons before going back to the lock screen.

    I hope Apple fixes this one soon! Meanwhile, make sure you exit all the apps before it times out.

  • hub2

    Been saying ever since iOS7 was released, that turning on Airplane mode through lockscreen control center, and slide-to-poweroff from lockscreen, should both require the lockscreen password if user has set one up.

    Otherwise, all that fancy “Find my iPhone” stuff can be immediately disabled as soon as the thief has two seconds to swipe up to access the control center.

    And saying “well disable control center from appearing in lockscreen then” isn’t helpful. At all. Control center is extremely useful on the lockscreen, there’s no reason it couldn’t be slightly improved by adding the password (or removing airplane mode from the lockscreen instance of Control Center).

  • Yep. Just worked. I guess if you keep your phone on the home screen you can protect yourself against sneaky friends looking to test this flaw.

  • Dr. AL

    Since I’m sure someone will ask I can not reproduce on iOS 8. It shows the app that was running but closes quickly and goes back to the lock screen.