iOS 7 Concept Shows Quick Reply, Advanced Siri, Revamped Settings [VIDEO]


With reports of iOS 7 set to debut with a new ‘flatter’ design, many can only imagine what to expect. The following iOS 7 concept by Christian Lue and Ran Avni showcase a flat design with new system features such as panoramic wallpapers, quick reply to messages, a new version of Siri, various additions to the system settings and more. Check it out below: relays some iOS 7 concepts submitted by their reader Kennet Völlmecke, showcasing his vision of a flatter iOS 7–check them out below:

Wpid Photo 27 05 2013 2019

Wpid Photo 27 05 2013 20191

Wpid Photo 27 05 2013 20192

Thoughts on these concepts?


  • DunDun

    The resemblance to Windows Tiles and looks are pretty huge. Don’t count on Apple doing anything like it.

  • Aaron

    I quite like the lockscreen of the second one! And the video looks pretty well – By the way, I like the idea of flat design. A real change would be nice for iOS

  • kameko

    Um this was horrible. Whats the need for the giant close / reply button options in quick reply mode? jailbreak tweaks/designs have done much better job of doing QR for the past several years already. And its not flat design when you still have dials with glare on them. Not a good job and whoever mocked this up is incredibly amateur.

  • Omac

    I guess we’re setting our hope pretty low if that’s all we expect to see from iOS 7, I would love to see a total revamp, the standard tiles are getting a little stale after seeing some of the recent os on competing phones as well as some of the features on the new s4, don’t get me wrong I love my iPhone but 6 yrs with the same format…..

  • bob36

    Another horible Crapple design. So glad I rock a Samsung.. apple has lost all focus and future vision. same old same old. yawn. at this rate they will decline as fast as blackberry fell from grace. keep pumping out the same garbage and you are going to get left behind.

  • Chrome262

    rocking the crap that is the S4, thing is so fragile it breaks sitting in your pocket. Hell HTC has a better design then the knock off called Samsung. Android OS is the worst out there, so many security holes its the only phone on the market that needs and antivirus. Even BB has that done right. Even if I wanted to run an Android device I wouldn’t get anything shitsung has made, others at least try to be innovative.

  • WatDah

    This is a fan concept.