iOS 7 Random Reboots Still Not Fixed in iOS 7.1 Beta 4 [POLL]


Today Apple released iOS 7.1 beta 4 to developers and we can say a major bug within the operating system still has not been addressed: random reboots and resprings. We’ve seen this happen on our iPhone 5S and iPad Air running the latest version of iOS 7 and we’ve heard from you it’s still happening in the latest 7.1 beta 4.

Ever since upgrading to iOS 7, numerous users have suffered from a random reboot issue on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The reboots come at random and can cause irreparable damage if you are doing work that hasn’t been saved or just anything else that was important. There’s no pattern as to when a reboot will happen, which is why it’s so frustrating.

Numerous threads have flooded the Apple Support Communities and some believe the following fixes can ‘fix’ (or delay) the iOS 7 random reboot issue:

  • Force closing the Twitter iOS app
  • Toggling Reduce Motion ON or OFF (Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion)
  • Turning off background app refresh (Settings > General > Background App Refresh > OFF)
  • Restoring your iOS device as a brand new via iTunes (do this as a LAST resort)

Let’s hope Apple can address the ‘elephant in the room’ because iOS 7 is by far the buggiest version we have ever experienced (reboots, app crashes). These random reboots need to be fixed ASAP as it’s a serious issue affecting a wide range of users. It’s been four months since the release of iOS 7 and still nothing has been addressed (some still are dealing Blue Screen of Death issues), even in the latest beta of iOS 7.1.

POLL: Have you experienced random reboots or resprings in iOS 7? 


  • Elvis

    Running 7.1b4 on iPad 2, iPhone 5, iPad Air without any problems here. You must be holding it wrong.

  • Mikhail_T

    I have not experienced any crashes since iOS 7.1 beta 2. They did fixed it.

    Majority of the people who installed the iOS 7.1 betas have reported that it was greatly improved.

  • Dear Elvis,

    Probably, because after 7.1 b4 was installed on a 5S it rebooted randomly during normal usage. #hounddog #hunkahunkaburninglove

  • Yeah the betas typically improve each time but the random reboot issue still remains.

  • Mikhail_T

    As far as I can see, the reboots were resolved as well. It may not be related to some of the reboots that the support forums are talking about but 7.1 did fixed majority of it.

    The problem is, there are only so many bug fixes they can do in a single release. They need to get 7.1 out right now and fix the rest in quick follow-up releases. They’re taking far too long and being stupid with their cosmetic changes that can be done in later releases.

    Majority of the crashes and reboots on 64-bit devices are caused simply because of the low memory conditions. Twitter crashes more often because you tend to use the UIWebView (clicking on links to open sites), which was leaking memory badly on 64-bit before the app crashed and often, the system itself as well. The same thing were reported for apps like Feedly, FaceBook, and so on, simply because they have a built-in browser that’ll leak memory to the point the app crashes or the system reboots.

  • voodoo_ca

    Anyone else have problems with battery levels and the phone turning off? Ill have 30% and it decides that its dead and turns off… very annoying.

  • MikeJenkinson

    As far as I can tell, I’ve only suffered the random reboot/crash once since I’ve had my 5S, which I got shortly after it came out. A few weeks ago I’d noticed my iPhone had effectively turned itself off – it wouldn’t reboot and it wouldn’t restart. Eventually I got it back on. But that’s been the only problem. Maybe I’m just lucky or maybe, because I long ago toggled the Reduce Motion setting and don’t use the Twitter iOS app (I use Tweetbot), I’m just not as susceptible.

    Never had an iOS crash on my iPad Mini Retina – although I find that Feedly and a couple other programs crash pretty routinely if I try to move through pages in the program too fast.

  • Jay

    sometimes it does that to me with 60% battery. When that happens I have to wait 5 mins to turn it on because otherwise it will just tell me to plug it to a power source when i try and turn it on

  • JH

    Probably a bad battery, get it replaced. Especially if it happens in cold conditions.

  • iFone

    I also have this problem, and I discovered it happens more often when I run processor intensive tasks (e.g. games). Perhaps is a software issue?

  • Swerve

    My brother and sister both have Iphone 5’s and experience this issue. It’s never happened to my 4s.

  • Kevin Hodson

    I’m guessing that’s a power issue. Go on Apple’s express lane and run a diagnostic check and ask for a replacement.