iOS 7 Bug Causes Wi-Fi Issues For Some iPhone 4S Users


It appears a widespread iOS 7 bug is affecting some iPhone 4S users. According to this Apple Support Communities thread (54 pages; 106K views), frustrated users are unable to use Wi-Fi on their iPhone 4S after upgrading to iOS 7.0.3, as the option is greyed out. Other iOS devices seem to be affected but primarily it is the iPhone 4S that is suffering the most.

iPhoneinCanada reader Trent shares his story:

Something about the iOS 7 upgrade / OS / bluetooth is causing the wifi chip in the 4s to die. Some are speculating heat issues where one can (temporarily) remedy it by putting the phone into the freezer. Others have not had success with it.

My wife’s 4s developed this problem after we tried connecting it to our new car via bluetooth and now the phone can’t use wifi and it approaching her data limit after 1 week. A visit to the Apple Store tonight resulted in them saying it’s a defective chip and there is nothing that can (or will) do.

The issue with no Wi-Fi means users with small data plans face going over their allotments and paying overages. Also, iCloud backups only automatically initiate when iOS devices are plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi. So, as you can see this is a problem for many people.

Some users have had mixed success with the following fix:

1. Turn off Airplane mode (if on)
2. Turn cellular data off
3. Reset Network Settings via General, Reset, Reset Network Settings

Anyone else out there suffering Wi-Fi issues with iOS 7.0.3?


  • Al

    Nope. I have a 4s with iOS7.0.3 and have bluetooth on all the time. Plus it’s gotten pretty hot (which is normal) as recently as last Saturday, from using the Nav app for 2 hours. Wi-Fi and iCloud backups are still working as expected.

  • ShawnMerrikin

    My wife’s 4s has this bug. Same thing happened when we went to the apple store. I have tried everything to get it to work. Just stays greyed out. Luckily she has a 6gb data plan.

  • Jezzah

    Had this same issue with my girlfriend’s 4S. Took it to the Apple store and it was replaced under warranty, no questions asked.

    Replacement unit works perfectly.

  • fred

    having 4s running iOS 7.0.3 no problem to mention!

  • bazingaboo

    Mine started with the iOS7.0.4. Cannot turn on WiFi or Bluetooth!! I have the 4s and have loved it until this morning. I upgraded to the 7.0.4 yesterday and didn’t realize the WiFi and Bluetooth were not working until this morning. So frustrating.

  • Scott Colville

    It happened to my moms 4s after updating to 7.0.4

  • The unthinkable…

    Have a wifi switch greyed out! Also, the chip is not defective if it were why does it do this only after the iOS 7 update? I think Apple is just ignoring us 4s users and gaining too much money (by replacements) I am really not pleased with Apple at all!!!!!

  • Noir

    Then NEVER update it throuug 7.0.4 plz

  • Fiona

    Apple wanted to charge me $500 to use it. I think it’s a planted bug to get us to purchase to fix or buy a new one. I won’t buy apple again

  • Haywood Udume

    4s user. Problems with wi-fi started before upgrading to 7.0.4. While still on 6.x my wi-fi suddenly was greyed out and not working. Was told I needed to upgrade. Upgraded and wi-fi has been intermittent. Will have the option to turn on/off, but will not see or connect to any networks. Toggling the option locks the phone up for several minutes. Wi-fi does seem to work if I connect to the charger….will connect almost instantly….so at least my iCloud backup works. It’s a company phone, so it will get fixed or replaced.

  • Kharcoff

    My daughter Ipad2 64gb 3G, got that issue after update too. Now Wifi is grayed out, thanks Apple. Funny thing is that I spend almost 1000 bucks on launch, plus 280 in Dec/2013 for replacement and now they want more 280 as their replacement failed after the 90 days warranty period. Really disgraceful…

  • gaby

    i have not the greyed out but i cant connect to wifi at all even if i do it manually it still cant find any wifi connection please help i tried everything they said i can get a knew phone for 150

  • Mellowstang

    Yup this happened to my 4s, my husbands is fine. The reset that Apple suggests works for about a second or two. Not long enough for it to connect to the wifi right next to it. My phone also had the issue where the sound disappeared for months until new iOS fixed it. I guess will need to be patient until next upgrade iOS to fix issue that Apple won’t own up to.

  • Jacob Harris

    The only way to fix greyed out wifi is to go in iFile and change the wifi property list file. Go to var_preferences_SystemConfiguration and find Open it up with the Property List Viewer and turn AllowEnable on. I hope I have saved you from a trip to the apple store.