iOttie Launches Easy One Touch 3 Car Mount for iPhones and More


The makers of arguably the best iPhone and smartphone car mount, iOttie, have released their Easy One Touch 3, the successor to the popular One Touch 3, announced last month

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What’s new for this model is an improved telescopic arm, which can now extend an inch closer, plus the unit now fits devices up to 3.5-inches in width. There are now some shock absorbing stabilizers added to help reduce shaking when the arm is fully extended.

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The Easy One Touch 3 is currently available on for $24.95 USD (ships to Canada for extra fees), while it has yet to appear on, where the One Touch 2 has been widely available. Check out the video below, where the company explains more about the unit’s design:

We haven’t tested this yet, but we’ll try to get our hands on one and let you know how it is. It’s going to be hard to beat the One Touch 2.


  • aaloo

    i prefer proclipusa. The mounts are custom made for your car and phone. they integrate into the joints on your dashboard and have perfect OEM look. i went through so many mounts with suction cups and windshield attachments and what not, but they all lose grip in summer heat or rattle or have no slot for lightning cable. I’ve been using proclipusa for nearly 2 years and absolutely no issues at all. Obviously if you get a new phone or a new car, then you have to get a new mount.

  • Guest

    I tried to place an order on but it said it cannot ship to my Toronto address. 🙁

  • Steve

    This has a suction cup like no other, as it has an adhesive gel. I’ve used my One Touch 2 in extreme weather conditions, from +35C to -30C conditions, and it has stayed suctioned to my dash for the past 2 years. Unlike the custom proclip, this also can be transferred from one car to another, which is great if you travel and want to use it in a rental car (or another car).

  • Steve

    FYI: On, it doesn’t ship to Canada at all!

  • iPadGal

    does it work for iPad 2 Air?

  • Meor Azmi Meor Ayob

    The suction cup is excellent and does hold its suction even in extreme hot temperatures. Appreciate its ability to extend out further. All the bits and pieces although feels plasticky, it does the job well. My only concern is the shaking especially if the car is stationary and idling. How does one minimise the shaking?