iPhone 4 Bumper Case Program Live in Canada


When Apple had their press conference to clear up “Antennagate”, Steve Jobs announced a free Bumper case program. That program offered every iPhone 4 owner a free Bumper case or a refund if they already purchased one. Also, the option for a 3rd party case was included should Bumpers be out of stock.

The iPhone 4 Case program is now live in Canada. The free iPhone 4 Case program is available in the App Store. Here’s the description:

If you are experiencing reception issues with your iPhone 4, you are eligible to receive an iPhone 4 Bumper or other select third-party case from Apple at no charge. Download this free app onto your iPhone 4 and apply for your free Bumper or case.

Only iPhone 4 owners are eligible for this program. The app will check the IMEI and serial number to verify that you have an iPhone 4. Once eligibility is confirmed, you will be able to choose an iPhone 4 Bumper or other case. The Bumper or case will be shipped to you at no charge

All iPhone 4 purchases must be made by September 30, 2010, to qualify for this program. For iPhone 4 purchases made before July 23, 2010, you must apply no later than August 22, 2010; otherwise, you must apply within 30 days of your iPhone 4 purchase.

It was a breeze using this iPhone 4 Case app. I signed in with my iTunes account and I was given a choice of cases. I selected a black Bumper case and it should arrive in the next 3-5 weeks. What case did you order?

Click here to download the iPhone 4 Case program app or visit here for more info!


  • Chris Johnston10

    I was disappointed we didn't get a choice of colours

  • gtasscarlo

    I tried to geta iphone 4 but every single apple/Rogers tbooth wireless wave future shop were sold out

  • Bryan

    Where can we get iPhone 4 in Toronto? What store still has them?

  • JB

    For some crazy reason, I keep getting “your Apple ID or password was entered incorrectly” — I even tried resetting my password and creating a new account. Argh.

    (yes, I'm on an iPhone 4)

  • Bryan

    Can I get iPhone 4 from Apple store but get Fido discount? How does that work?

  • iPhone4crazy

    I got the bumper too I wil receive it September 13 th according to an email I got from apple.

  • Mike S

    Does anyone have any issues yet?

  • Leopod

    I have September 13 as well in the email, but I think they already started to ship some in US, much earlier than expected, so I hope it won't be that long…in the mean time I got a cheap case from an obscure kiosk, but it really solves the antenna issue.

  • Bigsmokejoey

    Stock will not be replenished until late next week. Rogers will not receive any until Friday (Thursday night delivery for Friday morning sale). At least that's what the Rogers rep told me.

  • Bigsmokejoey

    All in my region sold out pretty much before they opened. They only hand enough to satisfy half the line up outside the store before they even opened. Most Rogers stores got between 5 and 15, Apple stores got the majority of the Canadian shipment, with Best Buy and Future shop getting about 20 per store (give or take). What sucks is that most of the employees of the Rogers stores (the authorized dealers anyways), were scooping up all the 32gigs before us customers in line early Friday morning (the line up near me started at 5:00am). We were told that they had 12 in stock (3 x 32gig, 9 x 16gigs), then magically that stock went down to 7 (1 x 32gigs, 6 x 16gigs).

  • Bigsmokejoey

    My choice was the Belkin clear case. Any rubber case or bumper is too much of a pain to pull in and out of jean pockets. Plastic or the poly-combo hard cases work great for me. To each his own though, it's great that we all at least have a choice to suit our use and taste.
    And even though my carrier's (Rogers) signal strength is pretty good in my area, I can still notice quite a drop in signal reception (bar strength) drop of I hold the phone with too much of a palm grip, or holding the “special” area on the antenna when I have the phone in landscape mode while surfing the web. Dropped only one call since I've had the phone (2 days). Still wouldn't trade it for any phone that is currently on the market though.
    Great job Apple!!

  • PhayZer

    Same thign for me i was told they have 9 iphones at a store the night before so i get there i`m #7 so ok ill be good. They opened oh sorry we only got 5….. yeah ok guy WTF!?!

  • L A

    I had the phone for about a day an counting. I tried for a few hours to get it to the “no signal” state using different grips without luck. However when I was not trying it happen while surfing (signal lost). But to be honest this is a non-issue for me.

    I had the 3G, 3GS and the very first thing that I have done in all of them is to use a case. If nobody had mention this problem before I would not have seen it . I am sure I would have walk out of the store with a new case. I agree that Apple could do a massive recall and “fix” the phone so that we can hold it in any way and not have a signal drop. But even with that the very first thing I would do is to add a case. So for me this is a non-issue.

    But if you prefer to keep your phone naked then you might want to reconsider the iPhone4.

  • Fallinin

    when i got my iphone in the fido store they gave me it too play with while they finalized all the details. so the first thing i did was goto the app store and dl the app and ordered the black bumper case. i also bought a cheapo clear rubber knock off bumper for $10 to keep me safe untill the real deal arrives. i would have liked to be able to get a green one though, oh well

  • Noahattic

    …. ok….you know what …. the reality is those dealers keep some iphone 4s for themselves…..

  • Noahattic

    i chose the incase snap case…. looks really thin!! cannot wait to have one on my iphone…apple said they were gonna ship to me until sep 14th…. man,, one month..

  •  Xaroc

    Ordered the Black Incase with the apple logo on the back. Latest ship date set as Sep.9
    I also went out and bought a screen protector + the iFrogs Grey Case. Can never have to many accessories ^_~

    One thing i noticed about the i4 that i like is holding the phone in landscape gives me a flat edge to rest my fingers on, makes it more comfortable for the way i type.

  • Ship! It should ship in 3-5 weeks, not arrive. Big difference. After ordering mine, I received an email which said that mine will ship on September 28. Someone else told me that theirs will shop on October 4. Yup, the delay is insane.

  • Zilly

    I want one ;( Someone helllp me!! I got the very first iPhone waaay back in '08. I got it knowing full well i wouldnt have service where i live… but i wanted it that bad. So i played with it for 6 mos and passed my 3 yr rogers contract off to my cousin. I havent had one Since. Now i WANT THIS phone! The thing is.. the ONLY service i get here is sasktel. Do I keep waiting? Do I go with rogers knowing i wont have service? I do have wifi in my house… Do I buy unlocked from apple? Sasktel said unlocked 4's from apple store 'wont work' on their system. Oh yeah and also, sasktels new network wont be no where near complete in my area any time soon. wtf? wtf to do??

  •  Xaroc

    Omg… Thats insane. your better off the cancel your order, wait 2 weeks for a restock and try your local Apple or local dealer again. smaller lineup

  • K Black

    mine is supposed to arrive sept 13th

  • Rudy

    I ordered the black bumper.
    Btw, great job on your website! Love it!

  • @ Gary.

    Hey, what's your opinion on screen protector for iPhone 4? I have been using them since iPhone 3G and 3GS. I am debating if I should continue this time around.

    While in line for iPhone 4 yesterday I met this guy with a totally beat up iPhone 3GS. He has so many cracks on the back of his iPhone (the plastic part) but the screen looks scratchless. He has never used any sort of protection.

    Now with iPhone 4, both front and back are made of glass that's supported to be harder than the previous models, is screen protector really needed anymore?

    I find it a shame to cover up and degrade the touch and feel and looks of the retina display…
    (By the way, I thought iPhone glass is harder than screen protector material. My Powersupport Anti-Glare film for both 3G and 3GS were scratchless when I sold them.)

    What are your opinions?

  •  Xaroc

    I know the question was not directed at me, but i would like to place my opinion if its acceptable ^_^
    I too have gone on and off screen protectors from time to time. my 3Gs got a couple minor scratchs, and i baby that thing like you wouldnt believe so it kinda bothered me. the i4 people have reported the back getting scratches fairly quickly, and the front i believe being the same material as the back, i decided to get a clear screen protector. i can tell you from personal experience it dose not Degrade the quality of the screen is you use the clear ones.
    I would be scared to use it without one just because i would be scared at this point to get a single scratch lol
    Better safe then sorry i believe. can always take it off later anyway right?

    I wouldnt use Anti-Glare because it would ruin the sharpness of the screen for sure.

  • Sam

    I wanted a green bumper. Slightly disappointed.

  •  Xaroc

    They have Green iFrogs cases at bestbuy/Futureshop basiclly like a Bumper, but with back coverage. would be an optional alliterative. i bought a grey one today actually ^_~

  • Thank you for your opinion and sharing your experience.

    I have been keeping the phone in top shape because I am the kind of guy who upgrades phones every year.

    And I keeps on thinking keep a phone absolutely pristine commands a higher resale value.

    However contrary to my belief and experience in the past 2 years, people who buy used iPhone don't care much about minor scratches, they have a set budget and that's it. Good condition, okay condition, price difference is very minor if any.

    Having that film in between the screen and my eye distract me and to be 100% honest I have not enjoyed my 3GS to the fullest because of the screen protection.

    Knowing myself, I may baby the phone for about a month, then I don't care much about it anymore (scratches or not). So yes, I am paranoid because iPhone 4 is new, but the advantage of having the protection after the first month is the resale value, which I have yet to realize any to offset the protection cost.

    My 2 cents 🙂

  •  Xaroc

    I have had the reverse experience when i comes to selling phones. i too upgrade yearly. the people i generally sell to are not picky about the body but EXTREMELY picky of every tiny mark on the screen, and use that to try and talk down the price. to avoid this , i apply screen protectors on all selling phones to cover up those tiny marks 😛 shhhhh dont tell ^_~ lol

  • Thanks! We <3 you all!

  • lol great tip.

    I will only apply if there's a flaw and I am selling 🙂

    Meanwhile I'll just enjoy my naked iPhone (+ bumper)

  • iphonedmilanista

    hmmm what about a refund for bumpers bought at local retail stores ? cuz i no the U.S. had one for at&t and apple retailers so it would be smart and quicker if bought there first then get refunded.

  • iphonedmilanista

    or go to your retailed service provider… the smaller stores / kiosks will prob have. however apple always gives and says that long to ship but i usually receive it alot earlier like a week or 2

  • Mat

    hey guys,
    I need some help. I dont have an apple store in my city and so i'm letting a friend pick it up for me from Edmonton Southgate Apple store. Does anyone know if they still have the unlocked models in stock? My friend will be picking it up tomorrow morning. Thank, I really appreciate any info.

  • Ex

    Oh you bet they do


  •  Xaroc

    Call them. They won't tell you how many, but they will tell you yes or
    no to stock

  • Guest

    I heard Sasktel was supposed to be getting their 3G network up mid-august, so you may still have a chance. Alternatively, I've heard that Telus uses some Sasktel towers, so maybe thats an option for you?

  • afm74

    Hi everyone,
    I need some help here. I'm with Rogers since march 2006. Me and My wife have a joint account and we have voice plan (no data plan). My Plan icludes:
    200 Wkday/Unltd. Eve starting @ 8 pm / Unltd Wkends for $20.00/month
    I also got:
    Rogers to Rogers Calling (not sure but i think like 1000 min over 1 month). Also: 125 Sent/Unlim Received Text, voice mail and caller ID through a value pack and that coast me 12.00 extra. I end up paying around 85.00 per month ( I hardly use extra minutes or extra txt for me or my wife).
    My contract expired in march 2009 and since I had my contract in 2006 (believe it or not) i'm still on my motorolla razr and my wife had an iphone 2G as a gift (that means I never had an upgrade from rogers and actually never asked them for any thing). The reality is i'm satisfied with rogers service and never had a problem with them.
    Now, I want the iphone 4 for me. I also want to upgrade my wife's phone but I dont want a data plan for her. Not sure what data plan is good for me but I dont think I'm gonna use it a lot (probably check e-mails and facebook and do little surfing on the web). Having said that, there are a lot of Apps ( but not games) that I'm really interested in and not sure how much of download will use. The only thing that i miss really is long distance call esp. with my wife as she travel a lot.
    So what advice that you can give me? and how I can get the best offer from rogers and how (who to call)? do i switch to another company?
    Also, do I get the 16 or the 32 g?
    P. S. technically. i'm still a student (post graduate one), meaning is there any plans for students that will fit me??
    Thanks a lot.

  • Sam

    Basically like a bumper, but not a bumper! I want the one with more G-Bs!

    On the real though, thanks for the info 😉 The IS will do for now.

  • Jj

    “I agree that Apple could do a massive recall and “fix” the phone so that we can hold it in any way and not have a signal drop.”

    NO. There will be no recall on iP4 because of the people (and millions of them) that keep buying this phone knowing its faults. Apple kinda recognized their problem but people seems to be blinded by retina display or something.

  •  Xaroc

    Its true there is a problem. but its easily avoided and/or masked without much effort at all.
    Just like how the Macbook pro Bottom gets very hot on heavy use. it CAN be an issue, but its easily avoided by not placing it on your bare legs ^_~. everything has a flaw if you look at it

  • Guest

    hurry and find one ,probably sold out till monday.

    promotion: $30 for 6gb/ usually $35 for 1gb

    16gb iphone 4 -black

    i work for rogers. if your in Toronto visit my store. ( i am the owner, rogers plus)

  • Mat

    Thanks, I will do that tomorrow.

  • Guest

    I work for rogers, and i kept one 32gb, till 12pm. when everyone was gone and low amount of people were coming and asking how many you guys have i activated my iphone 32bg. lol no line and i got paid

  • Ryansanche

    I am kind of in the same boat. I have really bad Rogers coverage at my house just outside Sskatoon but Sasktel coverage is fine. Sasktel's network is supposed to be up in the major centres and connecting highways on August 16 so I'm going to wait it out for that

  • KnightFire

    I'm not a bumper case fan, but use skins and screen protectors… I've not heard of anyone using a Zagg or other skin with the iPhone 4… does it resolve the antenna issue too?

    I don't work for Zagg, but am currently on my 2nd Zagg iPhone 3G skin… the first was damaged when my son dropped it into a box of Lego, punctured right through the “military grade” skin!

  •  Xaroc

    I dont like the bumper either, if its not protecting anything aside from the edges i see it more of adding bulk for little to no protection. Aside from the “death grip” of course.

  • You should send them a picture and ask for reimbursement for false advertising 🙂

  • Which one?

  • I wanted a pink one! Oh well. Going to get a full case, instead.

  • Me too! 🙁

  • guest

    yup, about 3 out of every 5 call attempts fail on mine. The phone will show full signal strength for hours on end as well as while I start the call but then magically the signal strength disappears and the call fails. Sometimes this will happen four or five times in a row and then will suddenly work properly…yes, I've downloaded the upgrade already as well. Doesn't seem like an antenna issue to me, something a little more complicated otherwise it wouldn't only drop off the signal at the exact time as the call in initiated. I'm pretty ticked right now and am not at all impressed with apple.

  • rorypiper

    I ordered the Bumper. Ships Sept 3rd. In general, I don't like a case on my phone, but the Bumper + InvisibleSHIELD looks good. Just using a Gelaskins right now, with Ghost Armor on the screen.

  • Supera

    do you know when the next shipment of iphones will be? and im def. looking for one with rogers….can you hook me up?

  • Otoro

    Yes, Apple retail stores have access to the same systems that Fido uses in its retail stores. You can even use any Fido dollars you have accumulated.

  • I have nothing right now. I ordered the free Bumper, as well as a few (30) on eBay (18 different colored silicone, 2 wallet-type ones, and 10 like the Griffin Reveal). They won't be the best cases, but they were cheap and are better than having nothing on it.

  • Xerxes

    see the problem with me is that..THERES NO STOCK IN TORONTO!! :'( and they have no idea when their next shipment will arrive :@

  • Does anyone know how can I get the WHITE COLORED BUMPER?

  • Luis_fe07

    Hey everyone. I bought the iPhone 4 from Rogers on Friday and I want to get the free bumper from Apple. I have tried downloading the app but I cant seem to find it on the app store, neither on the iphone and itunes. Is there anything that I can do to get it working? Thanks in advance!

  • RT

    Same thing here. Downloaded application, 100% sure what my user ID and password are, but it keeps saying that it is incorrect. Uh. Wonder how many accounts are affected.

  •  Xaroc

    I have seen them in store. But i didnt see any as a Free promotion. I only seen Black for free.

  • My2

    I can't wait to get my case.. Countless times I'll be watching something on YouTube and notice I have little to no reception because my pinky is covering the black line ( no death grip needed ). The thing about this, is that RF frequencies get much stronger with a lower signal as it tries to compensate and boost it. I don't know about you guys, but I'm trying to limit how many RF are going through me! Bad on you apple. At least the case will fix it…

  • C R Erskine

    option 5 i think
    the woman is a fucking cunt though

  • I ordered the apple bumper. Don't need a case because I am getting my Zagg shield this week. I heard if you have the Zagg shield on with a case it won't fit good. LOVE MY IPHONE 4! 🙂

  • RT

    Here's the update. Go to Settings/AppStore .

    Sign OUT of your account.

    Delete installed Case Application

    Go to AppStore, search and install CaseApplication

    It'll prompt you for user name and password, enter it.

    After re-installing the app this way, it worked for me

    Good luck

  • KnightFire

    Actually they have free replacements for damage, so I already have a new one – have to send in the old one though to keep the lifetime replacement policy.

  • jay

    phoned southgate yesterday, they didn't have any 32gb models in stock, but they had 16…as of yesterday. Phone for sure, but west edmonton mall apple store had lots of phones, i had no problem picking one up unlocked.

    p.s: if your friend goes there, walk up to the front and ignore the line, tell an apple staff that you want to buy one unlocked and they'll push you to the front…providing they're not sold out.

  • jay

    you do realize that you can go to an apple store and they'll set you up with a carrier of your choice, you don't need to go to a rogers/bell/telus store.

  • Supera

    even with the promotional pricing?

  • Meg

    search in app store for “iphone 4 bumper” and it should come up. I was in apple yesterday (Eaton centre) and they didn't even know about it! Wait times are like a month though.

  • Michael

    It says it won't ship until SEPTEMBER!

  • Mat

    Thank you guys. I called West Mall Apple Store and they told me they had stock. My friend got one when she went there. Now I should have my iPhone delivered to me on Tuesday or Wednesday 😀 . So much better than waiting three weeks from

  • L A

    The retina display, video HD, camera and flash are enough for me to think that this is the best phone out there. If I could only stop the paranoia counting “number of bars” I would be happy.

  • Luis_fe07

    I did but it does not come up, i have tried it on the iphone and on itunes and it does not come up when I search for it

  • amoemabutt

    …so you now have 31 cases for your phone…?

  • sherywacker

    I recently ordered black bumper, I figured the incase snap case will be readily available at some point. I am waiting for my case and hope that it comes out to be provable.

    [url=]Iphone Case[/url]

  • I will, when they all come in. Plus my boyfriend is waiting on his iPhone 4 to come in the mail, so he will get a free one as well. So it will be 32.

  • mike

    I am very dissapointed with fido…A month ago I got a fido number with no contract and they told me that as soon as the iPhone 4 came out I could get the phone by getting into a 3 year contract and I would be treated as a new customer, I call today and now they are saying that I have to wait 3 months to get the phone for $159…I am on a month to month so I am cancelling and getting a new phone from Bell for $159 as soon as they are available…They only want to sell the phone to new clients at the begining… I should be consider new since I don't have a contract… what a stupid thing to do FIDO. Not the right way to talk to someone that is not in a contract “If you want the phone sooner than 3 months pay full price” Wow…Great customer service ha!!!!!! I'm sure I'll be treated better somewhere else. …Now I have to go through all the inconvinience of cancelling and getting a phone from a different company. Also lose all the money that I have to pay Fido for the next 30 days. how lame.

  • Spaceman1701

    I got the iphone 4 the day it came out and ordered my case the next day. It is shipping Sept 14, 2010. Almost 2 months? this case is suppose to help my iphone but i gotta wait 2 months to get it. Thankfully there is nothing wrong with my atennae. I wasnt waiting that long without my iphone in a case, so i went and bought one.

  • Anyone have any opinions on which of these cases are best? I'm looking to get a clear thin case, so it looks like I should get either the Belkin Shield or the InCase Snapcase although the Griffin Motif looks good too. Thoughts?

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  • justin

    my iphone 4 got a scratch on the screen in the first week of use. I now use a screen protector, and highly recommend it to you

  • Get an invisibleshield. It’s what I’ve used on the screen of all my iPhones.

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  • Markwaugh12

    Once eligibility is confirmed, you will be able to choose an iPhone 4
    Bumper or other case. The Bumper or case will be shipped to you at no

  • Texroy

    Does anyone have the app? I really want to get a bumper case and they don’t have the app at the app store. Can someone please help me out? I will give you my Apple ID and Password if you install the app into my account that would be really appreciated. 🙂

  • It’s long gone.

    Sent from my Android