iPhone 4 Case Program Ends September 30th–Sort Of


After the whole “antennagate” hoopla, Apple announced their iPhone 4 Case Program. Anyone who purchased an iPhone 4 would get a free Bumper Case (or 3rd party case) with their purchase (and those who bought a Bumper would get a refund). The program is slated to end on September 30th, but there’s some extra details to note.

Apple Updates iPhone 4 Case Program Page

Here’s an update on Apple’s website regarding the iPhone 4 Case Program:

We now know that the iPhone 4 antenna attenuation issue is even smaller than we originally thought. A small percentage of iPhone 4 users need a case, and we want to continue providing them a Bumper case for free. For everyone else, we are discontinuing the free case program on all iPhone 4s sold after September 30, 2010. We are also returning to our normal returns policy for all iPhone 4s sold after September 30. Users experiencing antenna issues should call AppleCare to request a free Bumper case.

All iPhone 4s sold after September 30th will not get a free Bumper case. Their normal return policy for iPhones will also resume after that date. But what’s interesting is that if you are STILL experiencing antenna issues, you are to call AppleCare to request a free Bumper case!

The worst part about this program ending at the end of September is the massive nationwide iPhone 4 shortage. People haven’t been able to get their hands on iPhone 4s from Rogers/Fido/Bell/Telus, and even camping out is a long shot at times. Good luck to all of those folks still looking. Be sure to check out our tips here on how to find an iPhone 4 in Canada.

So what’s the deal? Did Apple actually fix iPhone 4s on the assembly line to rectify this antenna issue? I haven’t had any problems with my iPhone 4 in Canada. Have you?

[Apple via When Will Apple?]


  • Rukk

    No antenna problem here even without a case. (Telus, Québec city)

  • Bernardo siqueira

    I don’t know if I do have this problem. If I hold my phone with my left hand everything gets all right, but if I keep holding it, the antenna sign drops 2 bars, and I if I even keep doing it, I get no signal. So I think I do have the ‘antennagate’, but I saw a video where the person holded the iPhone 4 for 5 seconds and the signal has dropped 2~3 bars, so actually I don’t know if I do have this problem. But, I bought my iPhone 4 in Toronto and I traveled abroad on the following day, so can’t I get a free case?

  • Vazandrew

    Never had an issue but was going to get a case anyway so took advantage of the free one. Now I can grip my phone properly without fear of it slipping

  • Martinmo1970

    No problem yet and the signal seems better than my 3G. We have horrible signals here anyways on all carriers. 5 minutes outside Montreal. Rogers.

  • Omactile

    I’ve had not a single issue and been useing my iPhone 4 for a month now on Rogers network

  • Anonymous

    I got my iPhone 4 and droped calls with my antenna even if I touch it for five seconds, my bumper comes on October 17

  • Anonymous

    I have had nothing but problems with my iPhone 4 to the point where I have been considering returning it.

    It seems better since iOS 4.1 and I am still testing.

    I do on-site computer service and travel all over the lower mainland all day long every day. I have never haas so many dropped calls and network failures, even mounted on my window holder.

    Maybe I will stop in to Richmond tomorrow am, get a tee shirt and a genius appointment.

  • Dominator

    I’ve tried ever so hard to replicate the issue but failed. Not a songle dropped call; ever! There is this one area in which data stops working but the area is small and far from any tower. But no dropped calls there either!

  • Dominator

    FYI I am in the south shore of Montreal on Rogers…

  • JfromK

    I only get 3 bars when indoors at home, I use only cell for telephone I don’t use landline so I really noticed it, once I got the bumper it alleviated the issue. Even though Antennagate was overly hyped by the media.. it’s based in truth. Unless you have strong signal you’ll drop calls if you short the antenna touching the bare metal. With the bumper it doesn’t happen.

    (On Bell. In the city, not out in the boonies.)

  • rufi

    You guys should repeat the test and report results. You might not get a dropped call , but your actual receiving + transmitting speed (download speedtest app) can still be affected.

  • rufi

    All those we reports “no problem” : could you please report your worse / best case signal before and after applying the death grip using field test mode (actual db report) – see ? It would help comparisons. Data speed (using speed test app) might provide useful infos as well. If your signal strength if very strong, you might not seem to be affected.

  • Anonymous

    I had one dropped call so far. At my work place I usually get 3 bars and i did not think about the antenna issue and dropped a call.

    My free case is ordered. Just waiting to know when will apple ship it !
    I ordered the griffin semi-transparent one. I think it gives more protection then the bumpers. Even if its not the best case ever…its free !

  • Guest

    I am in greater Toronto area. Dropped numerous calls and had interrupted YouTube videos via 3G. I understand some of you may not have experience this issue but I certainly have. The issue is real. Anyone who wants to say it’s not I’ll be happy to show you real proof. But you’ll probably close your eyes and pray to Steve Jobbs or something stupid like that.

  • Morse

    If I buy iphone from apple store online today, am I eligible for getting the free bumper case even it will take 3 weeks to deliver the phone?

  • Randman

    Apparently, a Mexican Telecom company revealed that a new iPhone will be released after Sept. 30th. Supposedly the new model will correct the “Antenna-gate” issue. I personally have experienced problems with the “Death Grip” but no dropped calls. I got my free case that I ordered Aug. 25 today but word of warning: Apple ships it via UPS and somebody has to be home to sign for it. I wasn’t home on the first delivery so they left a notice.

  • Andrew

    You need to order the bumper from the application within the phone, where it verifys the serial number for eligibility. So, you will have to have the phone in your hands before you can order the free case.

  • Morse

    So, when the case program said Sep 30, does it mean the date of placing the purchase order of iphone or the date of delivery? I just placed an order of iphone via apple store online and it said the delivery date is Sep 30, does it mean I can get the bumper case for free? How about the new iPhone with antenna fix mentioned by Randman? Will I get that new hardware if the phone will be delivered on Sep 30?

  • rufi

    In my experience, even with the bumper, the signal and data transfer speed is reduced. In fact, simply moving your hand near the weak spot (and blocking the air flow) affects it.

  • Whiterhino14

    All IPhone 4’s have the death grip issue. How could they no? Unless apple sent you a phone with a plastic antenna than you have the same problem the rest of the world has. It’s like grabbing the rabbit ears on the old school TV sets. Apple hasn’t found away around physics. They are good but not that good. I switch from Rogers to Bell because I was having loads of dropped calls with my IPhone 4. Now I’m with bell ( Same IPhone 4 ) and have no problems because the signal is stronger in my area. I’m pretty sure the Iphone 5 won’t look anything like the IPhone 4 so they can shake all the bad press of this year and have no reminders of it.

  • Anonymous

    I live in Calgary and work for Shaw as an installer so I’m in basements a lot. It’s strange because It seems as though I see fewer bars in some situations but at the same time my phone seems to hold a 3G connection better then the 3GS did.

    I am able to make my i4 drop bars if I death grip it. I’ve also done speed tests and it seems that I effects the upload speed dramatically and little to the download speed.

    The thing about this forum that strikes me as odd is that Gary hasn’t had any issues. Have you actually done testing Gary?? I would like to see some results (case off) while holding it “Wong”. Why don’t you post some results Gary?

  • rufi

    Agreed. More people should do appropriate tests, including Gary. The iphone 4 is flawed with no exception, but this flaw, with a case, can be tolerated in areas with strong signals. As you say, the transmission / upload speed is not even taken into account in several user tests. However, the number of bars reflect only the reception/download speeds, which is even less affected than upload /transmission speeds. Sometimes I guess it affects quality of VOIP call or video (e.g. facetime or another protocol over 3g).

    As for an hardware fix at the end of the month, I would not count on it, since anandtech reported nothing could improve it unless a “massive” redesign which would take more than a few months.

  • AppleFly

    I can loose a decent number of bars when I’m not in a big city, as for dropping calls, I never have…

  • Scottlampert

    I’m on telus in northern BC and get 5 bars in my house (3G) if I cover the “antenna gate” I will loose 2 bars. However I get far better reception than my blackberry 8330 got as long as I dont cove the antenna. My free case is coming so hopefully that helps. Also I got the phone on sept.4th. Hopefully the newer production runs have the issue fixed. All in all though I am happy with the device.

  • Tyz

    I got mine two days ago at oakridge. The bars are at 3 at home, they were full on my iPhone 3G. If I put my finger over the metal it goes to one. My iPhone came with os 4.0.1 although I heard they were selling with 4.1 now??

    Maybe I got an older one and the newer ones have issue fixed which were updated to 4.1 by apple?

    Can anyone confirm?

  • rufi

    I do not think there are any “new ones” which have the issue fixed ; mine is pretty recent and I can repeat the issue, but it is comparable to other phones like the nexus one.

    Do the following test : show the numeric signal using the field test mode (see
    Report back the signal strengh you have at different locations (without touching the weak spot and then touching it). Especially, try it outside. “Normal units” shows a diff of about 10-25 db when the hand is blocking the weak area.

  • This guy admits working for Shaw so immediately you know what he is saying is probably untrue and he will only reply to your comment sometime between 8am and 4pm but needs you to be waiting by your computer for when he does get to you.

  • This guy admits working for Shaw so immediately you know what he is saying is probably untrue and he will only reply to your comment sometime between 8am and 4pm but needs you to be waiting by your computer for when he does get to you.

  • Are you under the impression that these guys work for apple? How else would they have all of the info you are asking for ha.

  • rufi

    The iphone 4 has two problems : when you cover the antenna (which can be fixed by a bumper) it affects the reception + signal attenuation when your hand is near the weak spot (you don’t even need to touch it), which happens to some degree in all phones, but maybe a bit more in this iphone 4 because of the external antenna. If you have a very strong signal, you might not notice it, but if you move to another area with a weak or average signal, you should feel it.

  • Aandkandv

    I ordered my iphone 4 on September 4th. The site said it would arrive within two weeks. It is now September 22nd and i have not yet received it. Does anyone have any idea when it will arrive?