iPhone 4: FaceTime Video Calling Mini Review


One of the major features introduced with the newest iPhone 4 is the ability to have two way video calling, which Apple calls FaceTime. This new feature allows two iPhone 4 users to connect to each other through either the front or back cameras, over WiFi.

However, with the recent jailbreak release of, users have been able to bypass that WiFi restriction and make FaceTime calls over 3G, anywhere, anytime.

Here are a few of my thoughts and discoveries while testing FaceTime over the past couple of days.

  • There are two ways to start a FaceTime call:
    • Calling a contact on the phone, then tapping FaceTime
    • By tapping the FaceTime icon within a contact (this saves you money as your minutes won’t be used!):
  • You can move your thumbnail screen icon to any corner of the screen during FaceTime. Just drag or flick to any corner.
  • You can move between the front and back cameras by tapping the ‘camera’ icon.
  • Rotating the phone to landscape will make you appear in landscape to your caller (Make sure portrait lock orientation is off).
  • FaceTime calls run in the background when you press the Home button. Your screen pauses but audio continues. Just tap the top bar to continue.
  • FaceTime missed calls appear in your Recent tab within Phone.
  • Incoming calls show FaceTime on them.

Even though we’ve all had webcams on our PC and Mac computers, and apps such as iChat and Skype that enable video calling, nothing can top the simplicity of FaceTime. It’s so darn easy to initiate a call. One tap to start a video chat is nice, and it’s an awesome way to reconnect with old friends or network with new ones. I can only imagine the number of people with FaceTime capabilities in five years.

What have been your recent uses of FaceTime? Any tips to share?


  • Moe

    Is the FaceTime in HD quality?

  • Wuju

    how long does it take for Facetime to register on Apple? I do mean before the 1st Facetime call. My friend activated his Roger micro SIM yesterday evening and still the iPhone shows that its waiting for Facetime activiation – is there something else that needs to be done or he simply have to wait for his iPhone to register through Apple (or Rogers) for Facetime call – the phone works with data by the way.

  • Fordomatic
  • Paulicat

    No its not in HD, the data would be too much to transfer, however, the quality is definitely more than adequate.

  • Asfd

    What happened to 1888facetime? i get a message telling me to go to the website. I can't test FT out yet!!

  • dnabyun

    when do you think we will get the FaceTime working over 3G without jailbreaking?

  • dnabyun

    I just love FaceTime so much due to simplicity of it. I tried Fring, boy, it wasn't simple and it was just terrible. Couldn't communicate even just using simple sign language

  • Rude Grl

    when making facetime calls, does it eat off of your Rogers daytime minutes?

  • Spaceman1701

    eats off ur data plan. I think it is 2.3 mb/minute

  • Spaceman1701

    opps, i mean it eats off ur data plan if u are using a JB iphone to use 3g to FT. if u are using FT normally, it doesnt eat up any of ur time cause it is used via WiFi

  • Spaceman1701

    I hope FT is the new thing cause it is awesome. I would much rather FT with someone that text, or just talk on the phone

  • Happy

    Now if you could FaceTime to people on skype and vice versa, that would be very useful.
    Just a thought.

  • Facetime would be more useful if there were PC and Mac programs that supported the FaceTime protocol using something like an email address rather than a phone number.

  • Especially no in regards to the front facing camera which is not capable of HD 🙂

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