iPhone 4 vs Windows Phone 7 Comparison: Video


With Google’s Android OS taking on Apple’s iOS, could we see the introduction of a third smartphone OS to compete with the big boys? Microsoft has been working on their Windows Phone 7 OS for the longest time. And when I say longest time, I mean it has been delayed many times.

That has changed as Microsoft is set to actually release some smartphones with their Windows Phone 7 OS. How does it compare to Apple’s iOS? has an excellent video detailing the two mobile operating systems. Take a look below:

My one wish for iOS is to take advantage of the underused lock screen. It’d be nice to get some notifications there.

What do you think of Windows Phone 7?



  • This video tutorial is nice and i like it..

    My favorite mobile phone is Window 7

  • windows phone 7 doesnt delay so many times…. it’s scheduled to be out on around Oct. or Nov. and most likely it will be out as promised.

    i am currently an iphone 4 user, cuz it’s simply the best phone out there so far. but i hold a big hope on wp7, cuz it’s really user friendly and human oriented. all the applications are integrated organically. i guess MS makes some sense when they didn’t plan to implement copy/paste function at the beginning. cuz you really don’t need copy/paste function for normal uses. however, there will be copy/paste function along with its first release.

    with great hardware, wp7 can be the best phone in the market with no problem at all. i am sold already.

  • If you want info on your lockscreen you can get LockInfo, Intelliscreen or others from Cydia. Problem solved

  • roadcarver

    iPhone is great, but needs JB to customize it to make it perfect :p

  • darek

    To natively have info on the lockscreen would be a nice touch. A live spring board would be nice as well for sports scores but it’s really not a big deal with the fast app switching. That and when I am actively trying for updates the app generally stays open. Don’t know why but I find the WP7 homescreen to be cluttered and not user friendly. Maybe I’d feel differently if I actually tried it out. As it stands, I don’t see myself leaving my iPhone.

  • Jedi Hunter

    Home screen looks good on the 7 but not enough to make think about letting go the 4. Apple should “innovate” something similar!

  • roadcarver

    The task switching on the Windows phone 7 is not as intuitive. What about battery life?

  • The guy’s iPhone home screen makes it seem like the iPhone is a mess because of his awful organization. This is my home screen:, quite different.

  • This guy seems to prefer Windows Phone 7 just in the way that he treats it. He always calls iOS 4 “The iPhone” but Windows Phone 7 is always given the proper name. It also appears that the iPhone 4 that he has isn’t his phone, since he doesn’t have any idea why the apps are sorted the way that they are. I bet he’s an Android OS user.

  • that’s the same thing. what if you have a lot of folders? you have to figure out which folder has the app you want.

    but in wp7, you dont even need to find the app. becuz it’s integrated into the thing called hub. similar third party app will be integrated into the hub, then you can reach them at one stop.

    wp7 has so much potential. i saw a lot of demos of it. this video doesnt really show the best of it. if you know to to make an appointment with location indicated in the wp7, man, that’s soooo simply and smooth. you will just forget about task switching or anything like that.

  • mddg

    let us not forget that this is a microsoft windows product. they always look like the best thing untill u start using it. 20 years using windows and it still has many bugs. iphones are not perfect but compare macs to pc and you will know what i mean……..

  • caaam

    yup cuz i want to call the same person all the time, watch the same video all the time, and scroll and click forever to find the actual interface that allows me to do what a PHONE is supposed to do…

    Just love how they tuck the phone dial pad in the back of nowhere on the wp7

  • Turtle

    the only way to describe that windows 7 interface is “clusterfuck”

  • Richard

    I love the iPhone, but I hope WP7 does reasonably well enough just to keep Apple from becoming lazy and complacent.

  • Anon

    The iOS4 still has the same OLD outdated GUI as it did when it was released many years ago. Windows Phone 7 looks a lot better, much more innovative. All that is lacking are apps and games, which will change as it matures.

  • Anon

    The same if not better than the iPhone 4. And you can change the battery on the various Windows 7 Phones. Steve Jobs needs to take his head out of his ass and start listening to his customers.

  • Anon

    Problem with that is that you have to “illegally” Jailbreak your phone to do that. Many aren’t willing to do that. Problem not solved for those who aren’t into piracy and breaking laws.