iPhone 4G Display Resolution Confirmed 960×640?


With Apple’s 2010 WWDC coming in just over a week, the next iPhone 4G/HD rumors are going to be in full effect. What you will see most is the list of rumoured specifications of the next iPhone. We’ve seen the Gizmodo leak, but this time around the latest story comes from a the use of a microscope to determine the resolution of the next iPhone.

By scanning the screen of the leaked iPhone HD/4G screen and comparing it side by side with the screen from the iPhone 3GS, Czech site has been able to garner more evidence towards an IPS display (just like the iPad) with 960×640 resolution. This quadruples the density of the iPhone 3GS and will result in easier scaling of apps to the newer resolution. It will also result in the highest density display of any current smartphone.

We won’t truly know what the next iPhone will be like until Steve Jobs announces it on June 7th. Until then, it’s going to be fun to read about the crazy rumours that will continue to surface leading up to WWDC 2010.

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  • mackman6151

    ahhh i HOPE Samsung can pull their resources together and still supply that OLED screen! i'd rather a later release date but with OLED

  • djepsilon

    I wonder then if HD .mp4's will play on this bugger with no conversions like with the iPad. That would make life great for me and my extensive iTunes HD movie library. One format to rule them all…. Haha… LOTR?… Anyone?… Bueler???…

    <sigh> I'm so funny.

  • Shmoopy

    Just a note – this resolution doesn't quadruple the density of the screen, it doubles the density. It quadruples the total number of pixels…..

  • stonee

    “A Review of Apple's iPhone 4G HD” this is part of iphone 4g rumours.

  • lxlim

    Eh?!?! It does quadruple the density!
    You mean that it only DOUBLES the RESOLUTION.
    Density is like dpi which in this case IS the number of pixels in a given area.
    Which is quadrupled…

  • ast

    yes it does.

    dots/inch … X4 the dots… same inchs… = 4 X the dpi

  • Half_Pint


  • Half_Pint