iPhone 4S Released By Apple At ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ Media Event [Full Details]


The most highly anticipated iPhone handset ever has finally been unleashed by Apple and as strongly speculated, its called the iPhone 4S. Loaded with Apple’s dual-core A5 processing chip, a revolutionary dual-mode GSM & CDMA antenna, a stunning 8-Megapixel full HD 1080p camera, running the latest iOS 5 firmware and all new ground breaking Siri intelligent Voice Assistant, this is without a doubt the most advanced smartphone man has ever seen.

While keeping the same form factor as the current iPhone 4, the fifth generation iPhone will be available in 16GB for $199, 32GB for $299, and 64GB for $399 on October 14th with pre-orders starting on 7th.

These prices are based on a two year contract in the US. We have yet to hear about upgrade pricing from our ‘Big 3’ carriers. However, unlocked iPhone 4S pricing has been announced at $649.

According to Apple, A5 processor is 2x faster and has 7x superior graphics performance than A4. It gives you 8 hours of talk time, 14 hours of 2G talk time, 6 hours of 3G browsing and 9 hours of Wi-Fi browsing. Secondly, iPhone 4S is a true “World Phone” with a new antenna system. It can now intelligently switch between the antennas for even better call quality, supporting both CDMA and GSM technologies in the same handset.

Then comes the all new 8 Megapixels camera. Sporting a CMOS backside illuminated sensor, iPhone 4S camera gets 73% more light than the iPhone 4 sensor, and is 1/3rd faster. On top of that, there is a high-end IR filter for greater accuracy and uniformity.

The new iPhone 4S takes just 1.1 seconds to the first photo, and just half a second for the next shot. The camera also allows 1080p full HD video recording, real-time video image stabilization with noise reduction. Whoa!

Then comes Siri, the intelligent voice assistant, another one of “this changes everything” inventions by Apple. During the keynote, Scott demonstrates Siri:

“What’s the weather like today?” Siri gives the forecast.

Scott further demonstrated Siri’s capabilities by asking it to find a great Greek restaurant in Palo Alto. It responds: “I’ve found five Greek restaurants, and I’ve sorted them by rating.”

The technology is simply amazing. Siri follows along with your actions and understands the context. You can do instant Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha searches by voice. Scott continues:

Now, to define a word, it’s as easy as asking Siri. Define ‘mitosis.’” And Siri delivers results. “Just ask your personal assistant, Siri.

You might ask Siri to make an appointment for you, and if you have something scheduled, it will tell you and ask if you want to move it. It has built-in support for English, French, and German. Siri will be in beta at the start while more languages and services will be added over time. Unfortunately, Siri will not be available in Canada at launch.

Other new apps released today by Apple included Cards and Find my Friends.

iPhone 4S will be available in United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, France and Germany on 14th of October and will eventually be released in over 70 countries by the end of 2011 supporting over 100 carriers worldwide including Sprint.

Pre-orders will start on October 7th, with stores set to open at 8AM on the October 14th launch.


  • steve81

    Looks like Siri is not on the website, compared to the US site… No Siri in Canada?

  • TKG .


  • Derka

    Where is the iPhone 5? I will be waiting. How big will the screen be on the iPhone 5??? And will it have LTE

  • Accordtr

    Cool but what a let down. I’m sorry but I have an iPhone 4 and have had all 4, and this clearly is the least ‘updated’ to date. Honestly not sure it’s worth the upgrade.

  • guest

    its really disappointing to not have a new or slight redesign.

  • Wow, Siri has me really stoked. I can’t wait for my carrier to tick off the “eligible for a new phone” date so I can finally get myself an iphone!!

  • Bob

    Perhaps, but I still want one. What’s the best way to get it? I’m a fido customer but no longer on cotract

  • EksDee

    AHAHAHA — I won 2 bets today 4s name and no new awful tapered case. Laughing all the way to the bank at all the dopes who bought bumpers and cover for the “new” iphone 5 design.

  • Kirk

    Great piece of hardware. I won’t be getting it as I have my iPhone 4 but certainly a welcomed upgrade for 3G and 3GS users. People saying they are disappointed need to chill. Why are you surprised? There is nothing wrong with the current form factor… You’ll just be nagging then pick it up later anyways lol.

    Would be nice to have Siri tho… Oh well lol

  • steve81

    Next year don’t trust Digitimes. 😛

  • is running into server issues. It will show up later

  • AccordXTC

    Goodbye Apple, Hello HTC. Enough is enough, all things aside I was hoping for a new iPhone but with seeing this and the iTunes issues with Windows I’m done.

  • yes it was very disapointing! the only valid reason to switch to Iphone 4S is the assitant, and it’s not worth 200$ on a 2 year term!

    apple stock prices drop 4% i think at around 2h45 pm today!

  • steve81

    Confirmed, no mention of Siri on Apple Canada’s website.

  • the thing is that the Iphone has always been in advance compared to the competition. now, the iphone 4s is on part with phone that were out 2,3 or 4 months ago. Namely the Samsung Galaxy S II. and a huge price bump on top of it all?

    yes maybe the camera is one of the best, but it’s not worth the price., not in a market with so much competition!

  • See

    Haha they will probably release the iPhone 5 In dec

  • steve81

    I was able to load both versions, Siri is not mentioned in the Canadian version.

  • xxJDxx

    How u gonna call it iOS 5 with no iPhone 5?!?!

  • Accordtr

    There is no iPhone 5 this round, I guess next summer??

  • Anonymous

    Very disappointing after all the hypes.   Investors don’t like it either.
    Stock down 5% after news of 4S, now only $355.  Almost $67 off from 2 weeks ago.

  • RC

    I wonder whether the IP4 with IOS5 can handle SIRI smoothly…

  • Guest

    I thought they’d make the screen bigger to compete with HTC. I’m still impressed with the upgrades. Does anyone know the carriers?

  • Jarndt08

    For some reason I keep getting access denied when I try going to and… anyone else?

  • chris

    If Canada won’t have Siri, I won’t be buying it. That’s by far the coolest feature of the 4S and together with the 1080p video, the only 2 reasons I actually want this phone.

  • Anonymous

    So… will the iPhone 4S support AWS (WIND/Public)?

  • steve81

    Here, screenshots to prove it.

  • Anonymous

    Their stock being down has nothing to do with the phone … All stocks are down as investors are freaked out about the crisis in Greece … they’ve been selling like mad for the last week … The TSX is down over 400 points right now … If you had an iPhone 4S Siri could have told you that!! 🙂

  • Gamehunter420

    Guess I let the rumors get the better of me. But after 16 months, I expected more than this. I was really hoping to be able to move up from the 3.5 inch screen. Guess i still will, just not with Apple!

  • steve81

    Here is the US version:

  • Guest

    : (  does not look like it:

    World phoneUMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz);

    GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)CDMA EV-DO Rev. A (800, 1900 MHz)4

    AWS is 1700 MHz…

  • chris

    Indeed – no Siri for Canada. That’s a bummer. I’m waiting for some sort of official confirmation of why (or when it will be available), but I have made up my mind, I won’t be buying a downgraded 4S phone (compared to the States). 

  • steve81

    I was able to load the UK version and they are getting Siri.

  • steve81

    We’ll probably be getting it later. In the US and UK it is labeled as a Beta.

  • chris

    My best friend’s mom can beat up your best friend’s mom. 

  • steve81

    France is also getting Siri.

  • steve81

    Most likely because the geographic and local features for Canada are not ready yet. The Siri app has never been available for Canada.

  • Anonymous

    fragilityG4 wrote:
    >Their stock being down has nothing to do with the phone … All stocks are down

    Of course it does.  Check the daily chart of the Apple stock – and overlap that with Dow and Nasdaq chart.  And you can see that Apple stock was riding along until about 1 pm.  And then came the sudden steep drop at around 2pm right when 4S was announced.  It dropped from around $373 at 1:54pm to $360.4 at 2:14pm, and volume picked up considerably.

  • steve81

    From the Apple US website:

    “Siri is available in Beta only on iPhone 4S and requires Internet access. Siri may not be available in all languages or in all areas, and features may vary by area. Cellular data charges may apply.”

  • Justin

    Definately upgrading from my 3G. Glad to hear of so many people not upgrading, will mean I shouldnt have trouble getting my hands on this

  • Meena

    I am very disappointed, I had expected more from Apple to release a redesign iphone. This will be entirely on Tim, even though he is not the only person for this mess. Can anyone name me something which was presented today that I cant find in Andriod phones, I admit SIRI sound promissing, (something Andriod phones already exp) in a cool way. The least they should’ve done was to increase the screen size.

  • Meena

    a fanboy would say anything to defend Apple products, Greece meltdown been happening since last week yet it didn’t reflect on apple. Stocks are down becuz of lower than expected iphone 4s press release. I am not syaing tht they will not receover, they’d probably bank their money on their launch.

  • steve81

    With that logic they would have to launch the iPad 5. 😛

  • Tim

    Not interested in this.  I have an iPhone 4.  After panning Adroid phones since their inception, I found myself holding a Samsung Galaxy IIS at a bar a few weeks ago.  It was then that I realized the iphone had been beaten.  It’s much lighter.  The screen is larger with better contrast (AMOLED) and it plays flash.  It also has the 8mp camera, etc.  Oh and it plays flash…
    I don’t care  about talking to my phone or waiting around for the match service to reach Canada.  I get it that this thing has a better graphics processor than anything else out there, but frankly I don’t play games and I was more than impressed by the interface response and graphics in the Galaxy.  I’ll get an LTE version once Rogers launches it later this month; another thing that the new iPhone doesn’t offer.

    Apple lead the way for the last four years, but they’ve been overtaken.

  • Brad17

    steve is gonna be getting a lot of mail asking him what the hell happened lol, same with tim.

  • Irwincruz530

    If you read at the beginning if the sentence it says 16 Gb 199 32 Gb 299 an so on but this 4s will be for 659$ ?
    That’s what the price is on apple Canada website no 199….
    No way I’ll wait for the 5 If it comes soon.

  • steve81

    Public Mobile is CDMA 1900 MHz, so they would be able to carry the iPhone 4S.

    Wind Mobile, Mobilicity and Videotron won’t be able to carry it.

  • JLC

    Highly speculated It’s called the iPhone 4S. Ya right, u know how many times I read on this site it was the 5??!?

  • y_yan1002

    I thought a month back or so a case was “leaked” indicating a larger and thinner iPhone. Does the 4s fit that case? Or can we speculate another one to be released shortly that will fit that leaked case?

  • Sparky

    I too was disappointed. The word that came to mind was : lame. It took 16 months to do what exactly? iPods were essentially booted out the door. Why couldn’t Siri work on the iPhone 4? I doubt it requires that much (dual core). The antenna looks the same as the verizon iPhone 4. Sure the upgrades are nice but I expected more. I may get this phone because my iPhone 4 is terrible now but I’m not in a rush. Lame.

  • Sparky

    It’ll also be interesting to see all the weird looks you get when having a convo with your phone and you speak your texts and emails for those around you to hear. It’s definitely a use-in-private feature. Haha

  • Anonymous

    16gb $199 / 32gb $299 / 64gb $399 is the price with a contract from your carrier and the phone is locked

    $659 is the 16gb price for an unlocked phone directly from Apple no contract

  • Anonymous

    The iPhone 4S is nice and just a minor update. But it’s not for me… The next phone will be my turn but it depends on what they offer and how it compares to other devices on the market.

    I am more excited for iOS 5 to be released than I am for the 4S. I’ll finally be able to iMessage my friends and not have to worry about going over my txtmsg limit.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone can make a plastic case and call it the next iPhone case…. Whatever makes news I guess lol

    The 4S is the same dimensions as the existing 4

  • Cellonly

    I have a 32GB 3GS, 25 mos old now on a Fido 36-month contract. Not sure it’s worth upgrading for a better camera, a front camera & Facetime, the 3 main advantages over the 3GS (ok a bit brighter screen and a bit better battery life). I think I should just wait for the next iPhone and use my subsidy then. It’ll likely be out by the end of my contract.

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  • Anonymous

    I agree totally. I’m in the same position as you & won’t bother with this phone (mainly because I hate the iphone 4 design with the Gorilla glass) I’m not eligible for a HU until March and with any luck (fingers crossed) Apple will release an iphone 5 come June/July that is groundbreaking and revolutionary instead of playing “catch up” and if not then I’ll check out the competition. As another poster said Apple is no longer the leader here, they’ve turned into the follower. All you have to do is look at Samsung, HTC or Sony Ericsson products and what they offer in terms of features. (bigger screen,slimmer design,lighter phone,better camera,more memory/expandable memory, & up until now a faster processor) Only now has Apple caught up with a camera that other companies have had on their models for years now. (Nokia had an 8MP a few years ago and Sony Ericsson is now up to 12MP on some of their models) Typical though….Apple puts a bow & some glitter on a turd and all the fanboys ooooo and awww.

  • Glimbox

    Maybe they haven’t programmed SIRI to recognize the “eh” at the end of Canadian sentences, eh?


    The CRTC allows Bell and Rogers aka Hell and Robbers to blatantly RIP
    OFF CANADIANS!!!!! The MSRP on the Iphone 4S is 300% higher in Canada
    than it is in the U.S. Apple should not allow these companies to rip us
    off so harshly. I am very upset with the way our country lets these
    greedy money hungry telecom bastards charge us the highest cell phone
    rates in the world!!!! The Executives at Rogers and Bell should all be
    in jail for this thievery. They are SWINE.

  • Glenn92

    no cdma iphone 4s in canada

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