iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S3 In A Drag Race Scratch Test, Who Will Win?


Apparently drop tests aren’t very cool anymore. I have always enjoyed watching them; they really show the potential of a particular device’s screen. But rather than a simple drop test, the guys at A Perfect Galaxy have taken the scratch/crack tests to a whole new extreme level.

We have two devices with market values exceeding $500, the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3. Both devices are hooked up to a car’s bumper using string. The driver begins the test and he drives for nearly 30 seconds traveling at least a few hundred feet. Only one device survived, take your guess.

If you guessed the Galaxy S3, you are correct. The Galaxy S3 had suffered through a few visible scratches where as the iPhone 4S was “completely cracked and smashed to pieces.”

There you have it. The Galaxy S3’s Gorilla Glass is much stronger than the supposed Gorilla Glass on the iPhone 4S. It’s notable that the S3 probably uses Corning’s latest rendition announced during CES 2012, unlike the iPhone.

[via Cult Of Android]


  • T33BS

    Jeff IS a crazy guy!

  • asdf

    why is that guy so out of breath

  • RyanStOnge

    Ha, I wondered the same thing. As if he was rushing to get this done.

  • coke

    probably from making sweet, sweet love with Jeff, whom he idolizes so much.

  • Fraser

    He is probably rushing to get it done because he’s so excited to show the iPhone noobs!

  • xxJDxx

    Is there a better picture of the final results?? Seemed like the iphone was bouncing several feet off the ground during the corner. Probably had more to do with the smashed corners than the dragging did….

  • FragilityG4

    “via cult of android” nuff said.

  • XS

    I knew that IPhone’s glass was weaker than Gorilla glass but never thought it will make such a big difference. Samsung kicked Apple in the nuts!

  • Gafollyk

    So, if you intend to drag your phone behind a car, you should definitly not get an iPhone.

  • I was thinking the same thing!

  • Martin

    i dont understand why people need to make these kinds of videos or tests. if you spend like $600+ on a device. you should handle it with more care; invest $10 on a hard case and $5 on a screen protector sticker.
    if you have a lot of phone accidents, then i suggest you get a nokia 3310.

  • I guess they see that cost as what they would spend on marketing.

  • that was pathetic for the part of samsung, obviously the iphone 4s is heavier than the samsung s3. that is why iphone got break first.