iPhone 5 And Who’s Most Likely To Upgrade [Infographic]


The big iPhone upgrade is coming next month and almost every one of us is excited about it. No matter what Apple decides to calls it eventually i.e iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, we’re pretty sure its gonna be an amazing device, thanks to the rumour mills who have been actively contributing to our curiosity. Now the only question you might be asking yourself is, “is it the time to upgrade?”

Below is an pretty good infographic to help you make your decision easier. Check it out and tell us what you think in the comments section:

[via Mashable]


  • Fred123

    I will upgrade from my dumb Samsung to iPhone(4, 4S ,5).
    My wife will not upgrade from her 3 mo. old white iPhone4.
    We are well into the older folks category. We are in the OAS caregory.

  • Anonymous

    None of the hardware upgrades impress enough to justify the move from my iPhone 4. And limitations as to the carriers and Plans available in Canada means that’s pretty much a non-starter as a rationale for upgrading, too.

     Much more important will be to see what comes from the iOS 5 update – though frankly, from the reports I’ve read, aside from notifications on the lock screen, there’s little there to make the device better for me. That’s not to say there’s not some serious lapses – especially for business use (adding attachments from Mail, the ability to call up a stored phone number by typing first few letters, etc) that are common features on other smartphones – but I fear Apple still sees the iPhone as merely an oversexed Touch, with its primary use  as a content delivery device for the iTunes Store. One only need to check out the TV ads to see how little they advertise it as a phone.

  • Cake

    Do you know something about the hardware that the rest of the world doesn’t ? Apple didn’t make any comments about the new iphone yet. Lets all just kick back and wait for the Apple media event .

  • Frankie

    “Content delivery device for the iTunes store” is the most accurate, brilliantly put, description of iPhone I’ve heard since it’s release in 2007. Thank you.

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  • N Hooper

    They better make this next iPhone available in at least 64gb capacity or I will lose my mind. 😛
    32gb is not enough space!!!!

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  • FormerIphoneUser

    i already upgraded, got a Galaxy S2 😉

  • Cake

    We’re all happy for you. But you can’t be too happy if you’re reading these posts on an Iphone site. Good luck with your fake iphone.  : p

  • ZING!

  • FormerIphoneUser

    I read this forum for 2 reasons
    a) my wife has an iPhone so i check updates for her
    b) this forum is good for reading specials/info on carriers

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