‘iPhone 5 Beta Testing’ SMS Spam Targeting Canadian Cellphone Users


Apple is not looking for people to ‘test and keep’ the new ‘iPhone 5’. That’s contrary to what the latest SMS spam wants you to know. We’ve heard from numerous users about spam being received to their cellphones that read the following:

Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the new iPhone5! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto and enter the code BETA will Receive it!

If you receive this message, ignore it as it’s fake. There are endless grammar and spelling errors, and won’t get past many of you. But there are some that will believe it and visit their website.

As first noted to via @ljmyst3ry, the number being used to send these messages originates at 201-912-7378. The area code 201 is for New Jersey. Another number being used is 443-433-6839, an area code from Maryland (thx Joe Blow). Ignore these, and tell your friends.

Anyone else receiving these SMS spam messages?


  • Pbjake

    This isn’t spam. iPhone is a major product, they need a lot of people to test it!


  • LOL!

  • Rwleask

    Speaking of spelling and grammar errors indicating spam, ” We’ve heard from numerous users about spam being received to there cellphones that read the following:”
    I rest my case…

  • You caught us!

  • K3

    There was another one-

    $1,000 Walmart Gift Card!But only the 1st 1,000 users that enter code 7777 at will Receive it!  (from a few weeks back).

  • DoctorT

    AND keep it (as said in the original message) 

  • Sylanel

    I received this stupid message myself originating from phone number 201-912-6324. I’ve started reporting it as a scammer, which is legally punishable in the US. Let’s all work together tracing them back and making them pay for their crime!

  • Josie

    From phone number 201-744-4840 just now

  • Christopher Jones

    (thumbs down)

  • Christopher Jones

    I got one like that also a few weeks back, but I deleted and disregarded it. I should’ve kept it to see what the phone number was

  • I’m from Canada and just received this exact text message from 201-744-3375.

  • airdrieAB

    I got one this am. From 201-912-7788

  • Spamiphone

    It is not just Canada. I got it in Georgia, USA. Their number was 201-912-7373.

  • Dan_Keo

    So did I @ 201-912-7796

  • Fmahammed

    I received the same message from phone # 201-683-1063 this is spam

  • I got this one instead …. 

  • david

    you will never catch us, we are making millions off you

  • Jaykob1987

    I received one from phone number +1(347) 260-0188. Just to give you guys a heads up!

  • Julian

    I got this message too!!!

  • RiceKayla69

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