iPhone 5 Cedes Top Place to the Galaxy S3 in Consumer Satisfaction Survey

Although Apple’s iPhone 5 scored above 80% once again, it has apparently lost its magic in the eyes of American consumers, according to the most recent American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) [via CNET].

The survey, conducted before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, reveals that the South Korean manufacturer’s Galaxy S3 topped the consumer satisfaction survey by 2 percentage points: the S3 and Note II scored 84%, while the iPhone 5 scored 82%.

iphone 5_satisfaction_survey

Its older models, however, are right behind the iPhone 5, with the iPhone 4S reaching the same 82% consumer satisfaction score as the latest model. The iPhone 4 scored 81%.

“Not only does Samsung edge ahead of all iPhones, Apple customers themselves don’t see much difference between the iPhone 4, 4S or 5,” says ACSI Director David VanAmburg. “The latest earnings report from Apple was better than expected, but the name of the game for Apple has always been innovation. Samsung, on the other hand, shows a strong upward ACSI trend from the Galaxy S II to the Galaxy S III. If the S4 performs as well—or even better—in the eyes of customers, Samsung could threaten Apple’s dominance in overall customer satisfaction.”

What’s interesting is that while Americans gave top scores to Samsung high-end devices, South Koreans prefer the Apple handset.

According to an earlier ASCI index, Apple topped consumer satisfaction for the broader segment of smartphone OEMs in the US for the second year in the row. However, its score fell to 81% from the previous 83%, recorded a year ago, while Samsung was on the rise, reaching 76% compared to 71% the year before.

Apple is ramping up for a very busy fall, which will include the launch of the iPhone 5S and apparently a lower-cost version dubbed iPhone 5C.

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  • Chrome262

    They will say the same thing for the S4, surveys now and lackluster sales show that people see little difference between the s3 and s4. I am wondering if we are reaching a point where at least image of the smartphone isn’t going to change for a while. While it my get faster and potentially better graphics, we are limited on how different the interface will be. Besides google glass or now the Army’s flexible displays (they just made the manufacture process cheaper), really don’t see any difference in interface tech in the immediate future. Its going to be touch screens of varying sizes offering similar functionality.

  • WatDah

    Yep, not until someone makes a breakthrough and invent or reinvent something as big as the original iPhone and then others starts copying.

  • Chrome262

    Unfortunately, Apple set the bar high so if they don’t wow people every time they get disappointed. Now Samsung is starting to see that with the S4.

  • WatDah

    I think it is absurd that people expects a totally different, brand new product on a yearly basis. In my point of view, consumers becomes disappointed because they read way too much into rumors and hype. In other words, they are disappointed by “sources” claiming what the next phone will be and what it’ll have. Obviously it is part of the reporters’ job to create controversies, but keep in mind the majority of consumers are not as technologically educated, nor do they have an engineering background. It is harder for them (myself included) to realize the technological difficulties and limitations on the reporter’s claims. Technology on mobile devices has evolved very rapidly since the original iPhone, that’s only been 6 years! Comparing the first iPhone to the iPhone 5, it is hard not to be amazed (at least for me) by the amount of tech that’s packed inside that slim, light body. Instead of being disappointed by expectations that’s not even of their own, people should be more appreciative of what’s being put on the table for them. Just one of many first world problems I guess.

    Sorry for the long post

  • Chrome262

    I agree, the 5 is a big step from the 4s, bigger screen, better camera, slimmer, lighter. I mean dam what more do people want.

  • WatDah

    Probably something that will wipe their asses too? lol

    “iPhone 6 Rumored To Have Ass Wiping Capabilities, Sources Claims”

    Coming from reliable sources from China manufacturers, who has been right on some accounts of product predictions for Apple products (they were correct on the iPhone 5 shipping with a faster A6 chip and improved camera), are reporting rumors of the next generation of iPhone – iPhone 6 – to sport an ass wiping capability. How this will be done is still a mystery, but judging from Apple’s purchase of a certain company last last last year, it is believed that Apple would indeed implement this widely anticipated, ass wiping capability into their next generation iPhone.

    Now spread the word!