Here is the iPhone 5 Connected to WIND Mobile, Mobilicity [PICS]


Earlier today T-Mobile started selling the iPhone 5, a version where 1700MHz/2100MHz bands have been enabled by Apple to support the AWS spectrum. Some Canadians have already made their way down to purchase iPhone 5 units from T-Mobile and have successfully connected them to WIND Mobile and Mobilicity.

Howard Forums user “jattdesi” says he spent over $700 plus tax to purchase a T-Mobile iPhone 5 from the USA. He was able to connect it later to Mobilicity and WIND Mobile and uploaded screenshots to prove it.




Below under Network Selection, WIND and Mobilicity are detected in the list of carriers:


Over at Mobile Syrup, one reader claims to have purchased an iPhone 5 from the Eaton Centre Apple Store and was able to successfully connect it to WIND Mobile as well. today updated the iPhone 5 specs page to include support for the 1700/2100MHz bands for the A1428 model:

Screen Shot 2013 04 12 at 5 38 12 PM

Earlier, WIND Mobile and Videotron already claimed their AWS networks would be ready to support the iPhone, shortly after T-Mobile announced it would be selling the iPhone 5. Let us know if you picked up the T-Mobile iPhone 5 or an unlocked iPhone 5 model from Apple (looks like they will soon get compatible units) and are able to connect to these AWS networks. You will be required to chop down your microSIM to a nanoSIM though, which we have done before using a nanoSIM cutter.


  • 1His_Nibs1

    Yea big deal. Once Rogers or Bell purchases Wind, it won’t make a fucking difference

  • K3


  • gtasscarlo

    On the Apple Canada website, it doesn’t show 1700/2100 hspa bands. When will Canada get the newer model of the iPhone.

  • raids25

    They changed the specs again. It no longer shows the 1700/2100 MHz bands.

  • raids25

    Oopps, when you click the “buy now” on the iphone page, scroll down and it will show the 1700/2100 but on the initial page, it’s not shown. The other one is not updated.

  • CheezyBureeto

    Though rogers have crappy prices, the towers with rogers are more populated then WIND.

  • K3

    WHO CARES? Buddy, I’m just looking at the price. $30 vs. $95, I choose $30/month

  • CheezyBureeto

    You get what you pay for, Less towers = Crappy signal. Rogers can eat a dick with their prices, but when you look at what you’re getting in return in terms of functionality of calling as a PHONE is supposed to, you lose with WIND. That being said, all to their own.

  • wuju

    how can we (if possible with the older iPhone 5) enable the frequency band to use Wind?

  • K3

    hey, hey. If you work for Rogers, here is not the place for you to advertise. #smh

  • crosseyed_mofo

    yes because “eat a dick” is standard rogers talking points

    cheezybureeto is right

  • Although the iPhone 5 would be cool on WIND, not using LTE after experiencing those high speeds would be painful.

  • While it is cool to see more competition, I’d rather have LTE and there are already several LTE carriers to choose from in Canada. I’m on Telus with my 4S and Rogers on my iPad. The latter seems to have “more” signal in more places but I’m not sure who I’ll choose if I get an iPhone 5S.

    I had tried Bell with my iPad but I found their customer service to be lacking.

  • ALi

    how did u have tmobile unlock the iphone 5?
    how long did it take?

  • The LTE on the iPhone 5 absolutely DESTROYS my battery. Most of the time I have it turned off. I can visually see the battery percentage drop and unless I plan by being home by 1pm with LTE on, I end up having a brick for the afternoon.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    tmobile phones come unlocked or they will give you the unlock for free

    has been their policy for years

  • pure4


  • wahgee

    If wind and mobilicity can get their network onto LTE, I’m there! Love Fido, but would like to pay much less.

  • WhatThe

    All of this doesn’t matter. Wind/Mobilicity is up for sale, and 1 of the big 3 will gobble them up. Guess what’s gonna happen. Yup, expect that $30 unlimited everything plan to be jacked up to $100. lol

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Both of those entities will be sold off before they ever make it onto LTE sorry to say.

  • wahgee

    That would be too bad. I have to agree.

  • t-man

    The iphone 5 on Wind would last way longer in terms of battery life. LTE is power hungry and your phone will die 50% sooner. I’m with Wind in Vancouver and I get 12 mbps download speed. When I was with Rogers I got 15mbps download speeds with an LTE iphone. Rogers is the crappy one lol

  • Anthony W

    Poor you. I would never go to Wind for its reception. Maybe I just have more money than you and realize quality is more important. Also, no one is paying $95 monthly plan for any of the Big 3 now. You should come out from the cave more often. 😛

  • Wind and Mobilicity are not owned by the same company. FYI

  • K3

    Yah okay Anthony, take a look at this:
    Look at the last plan’s price and then come back and argue. Gosh you’re so naïve…

  • Wuju

    Called Apple stores in Toronto and none has the new iPhone with the new band. Asked about when, none can tell. So question is can one order online for the new iPhone with the new AWS band to work on Wind?

  • Anthony W

    LOL! Not if you have with them for a long time. Of course to you newbie, that’s a different story. 🙂 Use whatever you like. That’s my opinion.

  • ENI

    hey buddy I’m paying 90 just to get what people are paying for at koodo. they dont offer you canada wide long distance and not that nice 6gb of data. so i dont know what your talking about.

  • Guest

    honestly im with a company called PhoneBox who use rogers network but MUCH cheaper. not sure why they don’t advertise though. Chatr also uses rogers network and they a good deal but they dont advertise either. Although their plan only includes 100 MB of data.

  • Mary99

    honestly its not work paying over $60/ month on phone bills. im with a company called PhoneBox who use rogers network but MUCH cheaper. not sure why they don’t advertise though. There is another company Chatr also uses rogers network and they a good deal but they dont advertise either. Although Chatr’s plan only includes 100 MB of data.

  • rgl168

    Apple’s KB article HT5720 has the answer to your question.

    Basically it must be:

    – Model A1428
    – Settings > General > About and check the serial number ends with any of these four-digit combinations: FH19, FH1C, FH1D, FH1F, FH1G, FH1H

  • X1

    Wait, so to get this straight, I just have to purchase a T-Mobile iPhone at the T-Mobile store, and I’ll 100% be able to use my iPhone on the WIND network?

  • nika

    Do you have an iphone working with wind now in vancouver? Im wanting to get one

  • John

    Can’t get iMessage to activate with my iPhone 5 on wind. Ugh

  • DJ

    I have just got iphone 5 replaced after unlocking works great on MOBILICITY
    don’t forget to change carrier setting to enable dataData APNwap.davewireless.comMMS APNmms.davewireless.comWAP APNData APN UsernameMMS UsernameWAP UsernameData APN PasswordMMS PasswordWAP PasswordMMS MMSChttp://mms.mobilicity.netWAP GatewayMMS Proxy10.100.3.4:8080WAP HomepageMCC302MMS MaxsizeWAP PortMNC320MMS Profurl

  • odi

    Just bought Iphone 5 and cannot connect it to Mobilicity internet…anyone knows how to do it…

  • bspence88

    I have an AWS combatible iPhone 5 and my phone works on Wind EXCEPT for DATA! Anyone know if I have to change the cellular data settings or something? I can make and receive calls, I just dont have an internet connection. It gives me the error “Could not activate cellular data network”

  • changiman

    Buddy Rogers can’t buy wind mobile, wind may be a small player here in Canada but they are way too big than rogers world wide. Unfortunately for Robbers (Rogers) this company ain’t going nowhere, HAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

  • Iphone613

    I got a black 64g Iphone 5 for $600 on kijiji ottawa that was aws compatible. Had it unlocked at wind for $120 and trimmed and sanded my own sim to make it a nano sim. The phone was brand new in the box so in total i spent $720 for a brand new aws Iphone 5 and I absolutely love it.

  • steve

    Phone box is not answering their phone wtf???

  • a.k

    Basically it must be:

    – Model A1428
    – Settings > General > About and check the serial number ends with any of these four-digit combinations: FH19, FH1C, FH1D, FH1F, FH1G, FH1H

  • a.k

    If the last 4 digits of serial number end up with FH19, FH1C, FH1D, FH1F, FH1G, FH1H, it will work