iPhone 5 Delays Are False, Release Still on Schedule?


I guess today is what we call rumour-mill day. Hot on the heels of a report that said iPhone 5 would be delayed until September (including the iPad), Jim Dalrymple from The Loop is refuting these claims.

The Internet is buzzing this morning with separate rumors that Apple’s iPad 2 and iPhone 5 will be delayed. The fact is, neither rumor is true.

From what I’ve heard this morning both products are on schedule and will ship when they are supposed to. Only Apple knows exactly when that will be, but the products are not delayed.

So, who do we believe? We believe Apple when they spill the beans on the next media event or announce a new product. Until then, we’ll continue to ride this iPhone 5 roller coaster until we can’t take it anymore (which is never).

[The Loop]


  • iGuy

    You made a separate post for this, not an update? Wow you must be hurting for content.

  • This sounds to me like somebody wants to short AAPL . Send a negative twitter here, a post a FUD there, and before you know it the stock looses 3% in a day..

  • AnonymousGuy

    Rumors are rumors. Anyone who has a life doesn’t really care.

  • gordunramsie

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  • Anonymous

    Last I checked, the authors list for this site didn’t include you or your opinion of what ~appropriate content~ is. That could just be me though. Oh well.

  • iGuy

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  • Anonymous

    It’s all just PR, but I can’t fault them. I’m horribly excited for the iPhone 5 and the iPad2, also the new MBP refresh because Apple news is ridiculously entertaining.

  • Anonymous

    It hasn’t been left in a bar yet?

  • Rumours are the cause of all these news sites piggy backing off each other and they all want to be first to broadcast the news. just start making up stuff, your bound to get some of it right, thus a rumour is born

    This just in. Apple to Release new iPhone5 at the price of $699 for 16Gb model? lol 😛

  • Ltgh