iPhone 5 Details Being Closely Guarded More than Before?


Rumours about the iPhone 5 mention a delay until the Fall instead of the typical schedule of a WWDC announcement and subsequent Summer launch. Normally around this time of the year iPhone 5 “details” would emerge but right now nothing substantial has been ‘leaked’.

Did Apple learn its lesson after the iPhone 4 was ‘stolen’ from a bar last year and ended up in the hands of Gizmodo? We know the iPhone 5 exists in Apple’s pipeline, but right now it appears the vault has been sealed tight as nobody is talking. Suppliers are keeping mum on the situation and we have been led to believe a ‘delay’ is imminent.

One analyst believes Apple is working harder than ever before to keep thinks secret to prevent a fall in iPhone 4 demand, as people will stop buying if they know a new model is around the corner:

“Apple is keeping its iPhone 5 cards extra close to the vest on this launch to avoid a falloff in iPhone 4 demand ahead of a refresh, especially given the February launch of the CDMA iPhone 4 with Verizon,” Analyst Brian White with Ticonderoga Securities said in a note to investors on Friday. He believes that the iPhone 5 could still launch in June or July, as previous models have.

I mentioned before why I don’t need a new iPhone right now as the iPhone 4’s hardware still has lots of life left in it. I’m expecting a huge shift coming in iOS 5 to improve the experience on my iPhone 4.

I get asked all the time ‘when is the iPhone 5 being released?’ and ‘should I wait or get the iPhone 4 now?’. The only answer I give is we don’t know when the next model is coming, but you won’t be disappointed with the iPhone 4.

The reality is the iPhone 5 could come at any time, and when it does we could all be shocked just like when the original iPhone was announced in 2007. We had no idea at the time such a device was possible with such robust Internet and multi-touch capabilities.

Are you ‘waiting’ for the iPhone 5 right now?


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  • beno

    It’s funny how some people don’t want Apple to release a new smartphone evry year.
    Expecting Apple not to release a new phone after one year is same as expecting HP, Dell, Apple, Samsung, Sony, Acer, Asus, etc. not to release a new laptop because people just bought a laptop half an year ago and it’s still good enough for them. Funny.
    My 3 year old LG laptop still runs fine and handles what I need. maybe I should ask LG not to release any new laptops??

  • toyboy_

    I didnt buy an iphone 4 because i took advantage of the cheaper 3GS prices. Unless the iphone 5 has some spectacular advancements, or Apple cuts support for the 3GS, i’ll be keeping my phone until the iphone 6.

  • maxgruv

    PLEASE stop using that same graphic over and over for anything related to iPhone 5. Chances are very good the 5 will NOT look like that.

  • maxgruv

    Speaking as an iPhone 3G owner waiting for my Rogers contract to expire so I can switch to TELUS when the iPhone 5 comes out, you can be pretty sure that Apple will drop support for the 3GS when the 5 arrives. Apple has a history of supporting only the current and previous generation products, but not those two generations old.

  • Auto Strada

    wow, it bothers you that much? must be that time of the month, eh?

    tampons are in aisle 11.

  • iamlynda

    got my first cell in 2000. Since then I’ve regularly upgraded every 6-12 months – that was until I got my 3GS the summer it was released. I’m due for an upgrade. want the better camera w/flash since I do use my camera a lot. More speed! I’m very much looking forward to the 5! Please, please, plese let it be released before I go on vaction at the end of July!

  • Anonymous

    My hopes are that Rogers lets people iPhones do an early upgrade like they did before with the 3G > 3GS and 3GS > 4.

  • Anonymous

    But what if LG released a mandatory update for your laptop that made it infuriatingly slow to use and made all your apps crash randomly when everything worked fine and quickly before? But they conveniently have a new model you can buy that runs fast again. πŸ˜‰

  • beno

    If the person was smart enough, he/she wouldn’t have upgraded to Windows Vista/7 when everything was working fine on XP, and the laptop’s hardware wouldn’t be able to handle Vista/7 from the first plae πŸ˜‰
    If LG releases an update for the new laptops, I would know that it wouldn’t run well on my old-tech laptops

  • beno

    I wouldn’t complain about my 3-year-old laptop not being able to run Windows 7 or Starcraft2 properly.
    If you want your laptop to run latest OS/Games/Applications, you get a newer laptop.
    Don’t you ? πŸ˜‰ or areyou going to blame the company for not making your old-tech laptop run as fast as newer lapops?

  • Anonymous

    That’s not the same thing, now is it? We’re not talking about the ability to run brand new apps/games that didn’t exist before and require faster CPUs and GPUs to function properly. We’re talking about apps that have existed for years and ran on the device just fine for years. Apple released an update for their device which made it run slower. You can’t even type properly in ANY app any more. How do you make the keyboard not keep up with keyboard input?!? And countless apps that worked fine before crash now. The list of problems caused by the update they released is incredibly long. Your WinXP/Vista/Win7 comparison does not apply. And neither does a comparison between Starcraft/Starcraft2. If your laptop runs Starcraft just fine, but LG released an update for it that made Starcraft run much too slowly to be able to properly play, and made it randomly crash all the time, when before the update it ran awesome, you’d be pissed off. Especially after finding out that you cannot remove the update and go back to the previous state.

  • Anonymous

    Apple released an update for that hardware, not for different hardware. Your comparison is also useless.

  • Cshupe2

    Switch to telus are u insane!

  • Jeff U

    +1 @maxgruv. That sh*t graphic is damn fuggly.

  • jackal

    I’m looking forward to the Iphone 5. My contract is up for renewal with Fido.
    I’ve had the Iphone 3G for almost 3 yrs and it’s just to slow to use half the apps.
    I’ve saved up alot of Fido dollars towards the new phone.
    Just hope they release it soon, painful to use the iphone now and ideally before my contract expires (probably doesn’t matter)

  • Anonymous

    Why would you switch to telus??

  • Fragilityg4

    If the person was smart enough he/she would have bought a MacBook in the first place.

    The end.

  • Anonymous

    i hope iphone 5 come out soon, i still have the plain old 3G, i have been tempted to just get the 4

  • Hyperextension

    Stop whining

  • iphonelover

    Divide the extra cost of the iPhone 4 over the sale price of the 3GS by the number of months in your contract and you’ll find you are focusing on the wrong thing. Your monthly cost of your cell phone plan is orders of magnitude greater than what it costs extra per month to buy the iPhone 4. A 4x better screen, flash, 2 cameras, better battery life, etc etc is really worth it for the tiny premium you pay per month.

  • Sparky

    I don’t recall Apple ever releasing a mandatory update.

  • Bob

    Waiting to replace my 3G

  • Mike

    +1 @maxgruv for sure.

  • Mike

    You would so regret Telus.

  • gordunramsie

    That graphic is almost as fugly as YOUR MOM!

    WAKE UP!

  • gordunramsie

    Wah wah, im a big BABY!


  • I bought my iPhone 3G the day it came out in Canada on July 11, 2008 and I’m still under contract for the damn thing, lol. It’s been sad to see so many upgrades go by since the 3G but it’s still doing what it was meant to do 2 years and 9 months ago =P. I am patiently waiting for that contract to expire to leverage my bargaining power for when the iPhone 5 hits. =D

  • No actually, there is aisle 12…. come on now!

  • Missacanada

    I think the next iPhone will be called 4GS not 5

  • maxgruv

    I will switch to TELUS, because of all three providers in my area (TELUS, Bell & Rogers) TELUS provides the best coverage and reliability. I’ve had experience with all three and was pleased with TELUS in the past,but only switched to Rogers because they had the iPhone. Thankfully I have more choices this time around.

  • Anonymous

    I rather have no cell phone then go with telus. And how is telus more reliable than rogers? Rogers has a 5 year old 3g networks,telus 3g gsm is only 1.5 year old.

  • Auto Strada

    in London Drugs, they’re always in aisle 11 lol.

  • Zultar

    I think the 4 does has alot left in it as well, and as for the Telus comments, I have been/was a telus hater for years and a long time customer with Rogers, and after a 2 year battle of reception issues and blame being passed back and forth and no resolution I dropped all my accounts with them and went with telus, MUCH better business plan no reception issues and good customer service so far. Now remember this is coming from a long time telus hater, they have come a long ways in the last couple years for the good finally!!!

    As for the iphones, I have got one at each launch date, and I think this time around I will wait on the 5/4GS for a bit, let things settle and al the new network stuff formulate before jumping on another phone.

  • Anonymous

    OH, there are too many rumors and graphics of iPhone 5, even read this “Apple to Announce iPhone 5 and iOS 5 on June 5 to 9?“, but when will the iPhone 5 be released? Just wait for the official announcement and launch conference!

  • Kev

    I have never owned an iphone but I am ready now and waiting for the iphone 5.

    The sooner the better for me as im really looking fwd to my first iphone.

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