iPhone 5 Launch At WWDC This Year? [Rumour]


According to Daiwa Securities via Commercial Times, Apple will be returning to its traditional iPhone announcement platform by unveiling its latest iPhone at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June this year.

In addition, the iPhone 5 will apparently carry on using glass to glass touch panel technology with current suppliers TPK Holding and Wintek.

[via Digitimes]


  • Brandon

    I would be shocked if this happens! With iPhone 4S sales stronger than anyone (including “analysts”) ever expected, Apple has no reason to release the next iPhone early. It just doesn’t make any sense for people that actually watch how Apple operates. I’m not saying it’s not happening, I’m just saying I’d be quite surprised if it does happen. But who knows, maybe they want to get Steve Jobs’ last phone out into the wild.

    Another thing that would shock me, is if the next iPhone is called “iPhone 5”. EVERYONE and their dog is referring to it as “iPhone 5”, but that too would not make sense. The iPhone 4 was the 4th generation iPhone, so the name made sense. The iPhone 4S IS the iPhone 5!! It slightly annoys me when people refer to the next iPhone as iPhone 5 as if there’s some wishful thinking that the “disappointing” iPhone 4S will finally get replaced with the REAL iPhone 5. I’ve had every iPhone since the iPhone 3G and I think that the iPhone 4S is BY FAR the BEST iPhone yet; not a disappointment whatsoever.

    None of these comments are directed at the writer of this article; I know that this article is just forwarding information from around the “iPhone blogosphere.” But I’m just throwing in my comments.

    My prediction is that Apple will stay with it’s currently annual release cycle for the next iPhone (which means sometime in October / November). That time frame makes more sense as it’s the beginning of the holiday season which naturally will attract MANY more sales.

    I have no idea what the next iPhone will be called, I just highly doubt it will be “iPhone 5”. I’m hoping it will be called “iPhone 6”, but maybe they’ll call it something like “iPhone LTE”.

    OK, I’m done.

  • Bob

    It’s just easy for everyone to call it iPhone 5.

  • Zapperman

    It more than slightly annoys me when people get trivial about the “iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6” convention. Who really cares? If iPhone 4 was 4th generation, the 3GS was 3rd generation and the iPhone 3 was second generation? Talk about the numbers not making sense. The 3 and 3GS look the same, so they are 3’s. The 4 and 4S look the same, so they are 4’s. If the next one looks different, it will be a 5. It is just marketing to the masses. They don’t really care if the true generation isn’t reflected in the number. And I don’t either. Nor do the masses.

  • K3

    Just like any other product Apple puts out it will most likely end up as simply “iPhone” followed by the generation.. Bob’s your Uncle?

  • Christopher Jones

    It is not ‘iPhone 3’, it’s ‘iPhone 3G’, and the reason for it being called 3G was because it was the first iPhone to come out with 3G cellphone connectivity. The iPhone 3G is the second (2nd) generation. Apple did not get their numbers mixed up, you just need to open your eyes a little more.

    So, the iPhone 4 was the 4th generation, and the iPhone 4S was the 5th generation. I think, same as Brandon, that the 6th generation iPhone will not be numbered, hence ‘iPhone 6’, but will have a title, like the 3G or 3GS has, hence ‘iPhone LTE’. I do not think they’ll call it the ‘iPhone 4G’ (for all you people thinking this), because of how much confusion there is in the name. Not all ‘4G’ phones are LTE, it’s just the 3G cell towers sped up, with slightly upgraded phone to handle it. The iPhone 4S is already 4G in that sense, but it is not LTE yet.

  • Zapperman

    Christopher, like Brandon you missed the point of the comment. I wasn’t suggesting that Apple is confused about generations and I am not debating the actual generation for each phone. The point , so you can understand it, is that very few people care. I will get the next iPhone if it is a different form factor. I really don’t care what they call it. 

  • Brandon


    Wow! Both of your comments have so much fail in them! “The 3 and 3GS look the same, so they are 3’s”?? Really? That comment alone tells me all I need to know about your knowledge on Apple products or even cellular technology in general.

    Also, how did I “miss the point of the comment” if I haven’t even replied to your first comment yet?? Nevermind your failure to understand the difference between 3rd generation iPhone and 3G cellular technology as Chris has already corrected you on that. Let’s get to “the point of the comment”…

    Sure, I agree that no matter what the name is (or features), people (myself included) will flock to the Apple Store to buy the next iPhone. And sure, the average iPhone user won’t care what they call it. But either you don’t know or can’t remember the massive amount of discussions (starting April 2011 until the 4S was officially announced in October) around what the name of the new iPhone is going to be. Nevermind discussions, articles and speculation on iPhone-only blogs. The speculation spread to countless other tech blogs, and in all forms of media throughout the world. The fact of the matter is that Apple is a massive fan base and anything they do or are rumored to be working on is always reported throughout all forms of media. Whether you care, or don’t care, and whether you’re going to buy or not is completely irrelevant. Then after the 4S was released, there were tons of discussions as to why it was called 4S and not 5, which led into countless rumors that the “real” iPhone 5 will be released soon. The first major rumor was that the “iPhone 5” was going to be a surprise release less than a month after the 4S. A completely ridiculous rumor to any of us that actually understand how Apple operates.

    Mark my words, if the next iPhone is NOT called the iPhone 5 (which we obviously know my thoughts), there will be A LOT of discussions in all forms of media regarding the name and why it was chosen. That’s just what happens in the world of Apple products.

    With all that being said, it does appear that I care more than I really do. If the next iPhone is called the iPhone 5, so be it, I don’t care, I’ll buy it on launch day. I’m just throwing out a prediction (because a lot of people that follow Apple actually do somewhat care) that I don’t think it will be called the iPhone 5.

  • Zapperman

    That’s a swing and a miss once again for you. This is getting funny. Yes, there is different technology, yes there was (and still is massive discussion, blogs, etc.), but this is by the EXTREME minority of Apple users, like you. The vast majority don’t care what it is called or why it’s called what it is. Maybe someone should draw a picture in crayon for you…