iPhone 5 Parts Reveal Separate Flash?


Earlier today we saw the story of an iPhone 5 case showing a relocated flash on the back.

Now, according to 9to5Mac via, they’ve posted pictures of apparent iPhone 5 parts that show a flash separate to from the camera. This is more evidence the next iPhone flash could be placed in a new spot.

Here are the parts:

…and here is a mock up:

What do you think? New flash relocation or maybe it’s for 3D pictures?

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  • Drocass

    Relocation is probably due to the camera being a bit bigger than the last one, so rather than making the whole camera+ flash zone bigger just separating them so they can have room for cosmetically covering it up to keep it’s sleek look rather than having a camera that looks like the htc desire cam lol it’s only my guess…

    Gary… I still don’t want to cut my fingers off lol

  • Hans

    This may be to avoid light leakage which apparently delayed white 4.

  • Drocass

     Maybe… I use used a couple cases, one specifically Otter Box Commuter.The flash would often leave a glowing orb on the bottom corner of my picture due to the flash reflecting off the edge of the case around the cam.  Removing the case also removed the problem, a couple other cases did this to me too.

  • Anonymous

     It makes all the sense in the world.  The flash on the iPhone 4 is awful.  It gives everyone in your pictures RED eye even if it flashes a few times before taking the picture.  It’s really only good as a flashlight.  Moving it away from the camera lens will certainly help with that problem.  My old BlackBerry never had the red eye issue with it’s flash.    

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