iPhone 5 Rear Casing Is Scratched Up In Test Video


Ouch, earlier we reported that the iPhone 5 rear-casing may be vulnerable to scratches. Since then, iFixit has released a video to prove just how easily the device could be scratched.

Melissa Jenna of iFixit and her 2-year older daughter presented some real-world situations of how the iPhone 5 could be scratched. With minimal power, the 2-year old slammed and rubbed keys against the device. The result wasn’t pretty; it ended in a noticeable scratched-up iPhone back panel. Watch for yourself:

Alright, chances are you will never intentionally rub keys up against your iPhone, but this situation could happen in your pocket. In the presentation above, the iPhone 5 was scratched up like crazy in a matter of minutes; imagine what your iPhone would look like after a few months.

To those who haven’t yet purchased an iPhone 5, the white-model would be the better selection because blemishes are harder to see on the lighter-colored aluminium material.

I would imagine surfaces such as countertops would even be a scuff-threat to your iPhone as well. My best suggestion would be you invest in a case immediately.

Do any of our current iPhone 5 owners have a scratched up back panel yet?

[via MacRumors]


  • Luke Mills

    Mine was scratched out of the box!! 2 chip marks at the top around the band and lower portion band. No marks on the front or rear. I’m not too happy. I’m REALLY glad i decided to order a Otterbox defender for iphone 5 that ended up in my hands yesterday. .

    I’m wondering if the first batch had a quality control problem and will be recognized by apple to be replaced. Time will tell….

  • Jay

    Mine already broke -.-

  • Things iPhone users say: “I actually prefer the look of aged, anodized aluminum.” 😛

  • Josh

    So what was that again about how the S3 being cheap and apple being the Rolex of smartphones. Pair this with the maps disaster, letter boxing and I think you’d be pretty hard pressed to deny other phones finally do compare to the iPhone.

  • Dave

    How do u like the defender case? I’m thinking of getting one. Does it fit in your pocket ok? Where did you buy it from? Thanks

  • frank

    do you think if I put a zagg shield on the back, if/when i take it off it would wreck the aluminum?

  • RyanStOnge

    S3 is awesome, I would never say it sucks in a post. If I didn’t have an iPhone, I would have an S3 in-fact.

  • RyanStOnge

    :/ And I thought I would like the aluminium back on the iPhone. If it didn’t scratch so easy I would love it.

  • farsyte

    My iPhone 5 had an air bubble near the centre of the screen, was hard to see unless I was looking at white screen on an off angle. Took it back to apple and they gave me a new one. Getting a case ASAP!

  • RyanStOnge

    Well if that happened to me I would take it back to Apple, or whoever you purchased it from. The otterbox is nice, but I would still want my phone to look nice out of the case.

  • Haha. Yup that needs to go into that satire video 😛

  • RyanStOnge

    I’m going to guess it wouldn’t because rubbing the iPhone up against another solid object is what really causes the aluminium wreckage.

  • RyanStOnge

    I’m hearing more problems about this iPhone 5 (and iOS 6) than I’ve heard ever at once about an Apple product. I’ve never seen an air bubble in the iPhone’s screen before.

  • RyanStOnge

    Well these Apple fanboys gotta defend Apple, haha.

  • Luke

    It fits perfectly, in the pocket, the case has improved better plactic rubber and new belt clip and hosler design. I purchased it direct from Otterbox online. It came yesterday.

  • Dave

    Thanks for the feedback Luke! You sold me

  • Vic

    Mine is scratched inside of the bezel, looks like machine installing screen scratched it, I got appointment in apple store on monday. Maybe those poor kids in China sabotaging the production. Would you blame them anyway?

  • 313photography

    The rear of samsung galaxy s3 is anti scratch so I prefer samsung than iPhone 5, à lot of problems in the phone and in the system, forget apple its so no technological company

  • WestCoastStar

    Weight, looks or scratchability: pick two

  • Or this could be being blown completely out of proportion like usual with Apple launches. Something has to be wrong.

  • kyuusei

    None. I got a case at Future Shop as soon as I left Apple. Why the heck don’t Apple Stores have any cases yet though…?