iPhone 5 Roadmap Not in Place According to Touch Panel Makers


According to Digitimes and its conversations with touch panel suppliers, the iPhone 5 production roadmap has not been released by Apple. These Taiwan-based touch panel makers claim production lines have not been ready to shift towards new products.

The remarks come amid growing market speculation saying that Apple will delay the launch of the iPhone 5 until September, or even 2012 because of a shortage of upstream components.

While acknowledging there should be a roadmap for each generation of products, the sources insisted that touch panel shipments for iPhone 4 have remained steady, and that they have not seen a timetable to stop current production in preparation for the next-generation of iPhone.

Yesterday, All Things Digital reported the September iPod event could mark the debut of the iPhone 5. We’ve mentioned before Apple could still announce the iPhone 5 at WWDC in June, as so far suppliers have been pretty tight-lipped. The last report from Digitimes claimed the iPhone 5 would have a 4″ screen and A5 processor.

Would you like a Summer or Fall iPhone 5 launch?



  • bekk45

    hopefully june, im ready to turn in the ol’ 3gs for an upgrade. it has served me well!

  • Wahidafg

    Me too

  • Brad g

    I believe apple is just being extra cautious this year, because we all know how the iPhone 4 prototype was found in a bar last year. Plus, specs were already leaked before that. I think they may still be prepping a summer launch, just being top secret about it 😉

    Just my two cents!