iPhone 5 to Have A5, 8MP Camera plus ‘Slight Modifications’ [Rumour]


New iPhone 5 rumours have surfaced, this time via analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from Concord Securities. According to Kuo’s supply chain sources, the next iPhone will not be redesigned but instead have ‘slight modifications’ compared to the iPhone 4. Specific new features noted by Kuo indicate the A5 processor (presently in the iPad 2) and an 8 megapixel rear camera. In terms of antenna design, it will be improved and also Qualcomm will be supplying basebands for both GSM and CDMA models.

When will the iPhone 5 start trial production? The timeline mentions August, with mass production to begin in September. The highlight of the iPhone 5 will be iOS 5, which is slated to be announced at Apple’s upcoming sold out WWDC.

We’ve heard recent rumours of a Fall announcement of Apple’s next iPhone. If Kuo’s report of a slightly modified iPhone 5 is true, I would certainly have to agree with it. I stated previously why we don’t ‘need’ a completely redesigned iPhone 5, as the current iPhone 4’s hardware is still a worthy competitor.

If we look back to Apple’s iPhone revision history, there hasn’t been major revamps back to back. Design from the iPhone 3G to 3GS did not have any cosmetic changes, but the iPhone 4 did. Keeping with similar designs and slight modifications allow Apple to maximize their profits and keep prices competitive through economies of scale.

What features do you think Apple should unleash in the next iPhone?

[via AppleInsider]


  • Hammy

    I don’t buy it.

    Apple always releases new product that’s visually-distinguishable from previous versions, so that they can cater to the image-conscious Apple fans who are compelled to show off that they own the latest and greatest. It’s Apple’s built-in guerrilla marketing strategy at work each and every time they go to market.

    The iPhone 5 must look significantly different versus the 4.

  • What about iPhone 3G vs 3GS? They are identical.

    Even iPad 1 and iPad 2 look ‘identical’, aside from iP2 being thinner.

  • Anonymous

    3G 3GS??
    Nice rant tho.

  • erth

    do you think that the iphone4 will be allowed to load iOS5?

  • Hammy

    The 3GS is not a major version upgrade over the 3G.

    The average person can look at a 3G/GS and a 4 and see that they are visually different. The same applies to the iPad compared to iPad 2 (which is noticeably thinner, and has different edging and backing).

    Apple has also illustrated this visually-impacting upgrade approach across other product lines, such as the iPod, iPod Touch, and iPod Shuffle.

  • Yes. The hardware right now definitely should be able to handle iOS 5. I bet
    Apple will ‘leave out’ 3G/3GS users though.

  • That’s the point. The next iPhone won’t be a major upgrade, it will be similiar to the 3GS in terms of updates IMO. It’s pure speculation at this point but based on the iPhone cycle thus far..

  • MrAnonymous

    There wasn’t much of a physical distinction between the 3 and the 3GS because they were on the same version number (and iOS). The iPhone 5 is in a completely different version number, and there will be a physical difference. When competing with Android devices with 4″ OLED screens and 10MP cams, they are going to have to do better than 8MP and current 3.5″ screen.

  • I think at this point, the hardware wars aren’t as relevant as software. iOS
    5 could definitely bring a ‘huge leap forward’ versus any Android build. An
    iOS overhaul is long overdue.

    But, like you said those people interested in the best hardware specs would
    probably jump over to Android offerings if they can’t handle what’s
    available from Apple.

  • Hell look at the latest mac book pro or the air that’s coming out soon. they both changed initially, but the next upgrade or model didn’t change physically (and they had different model numbers). This is going to be a update like everyone said above. If your hoping for a radical change then its going to be the iP6.

  • Wuju

    Maybe it’s an iPhone 4 S – for A5 speed.

  • Anonymous

    3G is already in the dust, and I’d put my money on the fact that 3GS will get limited features.

  • They’ll likely have particular features that run better and/or that are only exclusive on iPhone 5 (as seen on iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4). I’m betting 3G will not be supported and 3GS will have limited support with iOS 5 (as seen with the release if iOS 4 with the loss of support for original iPhones). I’m pretty excited to see what they come up with next with iOS 5.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree. Apple is always about the *integrated* solution, so advancing software without adequate bump in hardware would in fact be a step backward.

    Bumping the camera’s megapixels beyond 7 or 8 is pointless; the image sensor in a pinpoint phone camera can only be improved so much before the extra megapixels is wasted space and image noise. How many iPhone pictures get printed anyway, versus just uploading to a Facebook or other photo website?

    But, increasing screen size somewhat, and adding more RAM, would be welcome improvements in addition to improved CPU and GPU.

  • Anonymous

    3G isn’t supported for sure because it didn’t get the latest iOS 4 update. There are some things the 3G S is powerful to run, but apple probably won’t release it to make more dough. (and to make 3GS users feel bad)
    I had a 1st gen iPhone since 2007, and they stopped with iOS 3.1.3. They claimed my hardware wasn’t good enough, even for the simplest features, like folders and custom backgrounds. It really pissed me off.