iPhone 5 With 4G LTE & 4″ Display Launching In December 2012, Production Begins In June


Analyst Brian White from Topeka Capital Market has shared some interesting information (via 9to5Mac) regarding the next iPhone a.k.a the iPhone 5, following his recent visits to China and Taiwan. According to the analyst, a slimmer new iPhone is set to launch in December 2012 which will sport a new 4″ display and include 4G LTE capabilities. White also suggested that iPhone 5 will go into production by June 2012.

Quoting from the source:

White set his price target based on an expected August or September unveiling of the product. He also claimed the launch “could be extraordinary” by dwarfing previous launches and driving the stock closer to our $1,001 price target.” According to the report, Apple is expected to start component production for the “iPhone 5? in June.

White also claimed sales of the new iPad could have been higher if not for a production issue with panel makers related to the new Retina display.

Despite the analyst’s claim that the new iPad sales could have been much higher, Apple sold over 3 million new iPads on its debut weekend alone!


  • Magic

    I think anything less than 4G and a 4 inch screen would be a disappointment. The Samsung Galaxy S2 looks really tempting. 

  • Ahghgh

    What people fail to understand is that Apple has delivered items that people don’t know they want yet.  Everyone and their retarded sister wants bigger phones, LTE but then they go nuts when battery life is shit.  

  • pegger1

    The Galaxy S2 will be over a year old when the next iPhone is released.

  • Stephan

    $1000 stock price? Seriously?

  • draz

    They better have millions of the next iPhone ready at launch because it will be crazy busy with lots of iPhone 3GS and 4 upgrades.

    Unless of course the next iPhone isn’t a major upgrade then people may pass on it… Much like they did with the 4S


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  • FragilityG4

    Ahhh wasn’t this same article posted on this site earlier today …….

  • Ryan

    …and yet millions of iPhone owners and app developers don’t seem to be disappointed with the current screen size. I don’t see why an increase in screen size seems to be a logical “improvement” in so many people’s eyes. I personally don’t see it as a step forward.

  • Moz

    I would definately go for a iPhone with better battery life!

  • Robitaille_hugo

    Most sold phone over the last quarter ? iPhone 4s