iPhone 5c Offers the Most Storage Space Out of the Box, Galaxy S4 the Least

According to a comparative study carried out by Which (via AppleInsider), both iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s offer the most advertised storage space out of the box, while Samsung’s Galaxy S4 offers the least. Among 16GB smartphones, the iPhone 5c ranks first among available storage with 12.6 gigabytes, while the Galaxy S4 comes in at last with just 8.56 gigabytes of its advertised storage space.

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The comparison reveals that the too ranking iPhone 5c offers 79% of its advertised storage space out of the box. At number two comes the Google Nexus 5, sporting 12.28 gigabytes or 77 % of storage space. In third place is the iPhone 5s, which ships with 12.2 gigabytes of storage space available, representing 76% of the advertised capacity. Coming in dead last in the analysis is the Galaxy S4, which has just 54% of its advertised space.

The source notes that while the analysis isn’t the first time Samsung has been called out for offering limited space, it is one of the first tests to include Apple’s latest iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c models.

One benefit the Galaxy S4 has over Apple’s iPhone lineup and even Google’s Nexus handset is the inclusion of an available microSD card slot. Galaxy users can buy their own card and insert it into the handset, boosting available storage by up to 64 gigabytes, while iPhone and Nexus 5 owners must stick with their original built-in storage.

However, Google has taken steps with the Android operating system to restrict usage of external storage, likely in an effort to ensure handset performance is not slowed. As a result, Android applications cannot be installed to external storage, and any inserted memory card can only be used to host media files and documents. That means Galaxy S4 owners are only left with 8.56 gigabytes to install applications — more than 4 gigabytes less than are available out of the box on Apple’s mid-range iPhone 5c.

Last year, when Samsung was taken to task over Galaxy S4 storage, the company responded by advising users to buy a microSD card.

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  • Peter Pottinger

    The Galaxy has a SD card slot if I remember correctly.

  • Harold Mitchell

    “…and any inserted memory card can only be used to host media files and documents….”

  • FragilityG4

    So that’s why it’s users should get less out of the box?

  • Peter Pottinger

    “Out of the box” is simply media speak to try and case a favorable view on one product or the other, I’m not an idiot so I understand the Galaxy has expandable memory and the iPhone dopes not.

  • FragilityG4

    Media speak? The numbers don’t lie but if you’re okay with Samsung saying “if you want more buy memory card” then all the power to you, enjoy your little plastic knock off! Keep trolling!!

  • You should let Surface users know the same message 🙂

  • max

    Competition is a good thing.

  • max

    I really don’t get these apple dope heads, it’s like you guys
    just want to shove your opinions down every ones throat.

    You like your iPhone just because it gives you more space
    without the ability to expand it and then you pay more money for cloud storage,
    great! Others prefer to have the ability to buy as SD card, that’s their
    Why is it that any time somebody says something non apple you
    guys the on the defensive. Reality is not everybody likes apples and not
    everybody shares your opinion. Plastic or not they sell millions of it. Why don’t you design a phone or shut up!
    Usman, you say technology runs through your veins
    that means you were aware of the fact that even though Google has taken steps with the Android operating system to restrict
    usage of external storage Samsung came out with an update to their phones
    which enabled users to move apps to the SD card without sacrificing
    performance. Mr. Technology runs through my veins (Usman) should do his
    research before posting an article or write the facts. It seems like you just
    copy and paste.

  • FragilityG4

    Lighten up it’s just a phone. If you don’t like the opinions in this iPhone forum feel free to stick to your fAndroid forum. Pathetic and hypocritical. You’re the one trolling to defend your phone. Grow up. Hahaha. Peace!

  • max

    Lighten up it’s just a phone. You are proving my point. You are
    being pathetic and hypocritical. What I wrote was my opinion. Isn’t that the idea behind the comment section after all? Please go lookup the word (OPINION). I have never owned and android device and don’t plan on getting one but, I don’t
    have my head so far up apple’s ass.
    I was just stating the facts. I appreciate anything tech and
    we have to admit that, even though the iPhone is a great device it has its fair share of problems just like all other companies. My point being most of us still seek so sort of extra storage because we are constantly out growing our internal storage space. Wouldn’t you jump on it if apple was giving us the option like Samsung is, by allowing users to add their own external storage? This same blog amongst many others and most of us were complaining as to how much apple was charging for an additional gig on their products.

    Grow up! Hahaha… Peace!

  • FragilityG4

    You’re so angry … Don’t try and defend your phone so much because you’ll give yourself high blood pressure … It comes with the territory of defending a defenseless phone.
    Hahaha keep smiling!!

    Hakuna Matata my friend!

  • Sean

    I have an S4 and recently purchased a 64GB card for the phone. I’ve now got more storage, higher battery capacity, longer time between charges and a phone as capable (some would claim more capable) than the 5S, for less than 1/2 the cost.

  • Peter Pottinger

    This guy is a troll.

  • FragilityG4

    Hahaha believe what you want my friend!