Low-Cost ‘iPhone 5C’ Name Re-Emerges, iPhone 5S in Gold (Again) [Rumour]


According to Japanese site Macotakara, their ‘Asian’ sources claim the next iPhones expected to be announced at a September 10 event will be known as the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C for the rumoured lower-cost model. The latter is expected to be enclosed in a polycarbonate case.

This isn’t the first claim the rumoured plastic model would be known as the iPhone 5C. Last month, Business Insider made similar claims, along with iLounge months ago. This new model has been rumoured to sport an 8 megapixel camera and have the same screens dimensions as the iPhone 5.

Other information from Macotakara’s sources claim the iPhone 5S will come with a third colour option (get ready): gold. Not only will we see a new third colour, but the home button will apparently lose the rectangle mark which has been in place since the original iPhone in 2007. Also, the rear camera will stay at 8 megapixels but the f-stop has been rumoured to have an increased aperture of 2.0, leading to brighter images in low light.

Again, take these claims as rumours. It’s hard to believe Apple would release a new iPhone 5S in the colour gold, out of all the possible choices. Back in June, the site similarly made claims of a gold iPhone 5S at launch as well, which could be linked to the alleged leak of a gold-coloured SIM tray. The lower-cost iPhone has also been rumoured to debut in a variety of colours as well.

What are your bets on what to expect on September 10?


  • wstoneman

    I bet all we are getting are just coloured iPhones… and there is no low cost iphone.

  • ????Dennis

    Gold??? Was really hoping they would consider a silver iPhone instead. This way it would have a a nice chamfered edge like the white iPhone. Don’t like the all black eding on the black iPhone because it scratches off. It’s too bad the white iPhone is too girly, because its perfect except for it being white. The chamfered edge shines nicely.

  • Simon B

    My prediction is that Apple will sell the “low-cost” iPhones exclusively at Apple Stores, unlocked. This could be part of the recently discussed strategy to pull iPhone sales from carriers back to Apple’s own stores. Assuming that it is truly “low-cost” as many have suggested, a price range of $299 to $399 (depending on specs and storage sizes) for unlocked, commitment-free version would attract a new base of customers who are trying to stay away from carriers’ 2-yr agreements. Carriers will still get the iPhone 5S because of their ability to offer the phones at subsidized prices. Apple knows that few people can and are willing to drop $600 – $700 outright for a phone.

  • wstoneman

    My prediction… There will be no low cost iphone, and the new iphone what ever it will be called, will have multiple colours.

  • DC

    Oh yeah, gold iphone will be sold out crazily in mainland china, just saying,lol…