Unlocked iPhone 5C Prices in Canada Start at $599 for 16GB

Yes, it is true: the long-rumoured lower-cost iPhone has finally materialized as the iPhone 5C. It was officially presented today, September 10, 2013, during the highly anticipated iPhone event that brought colours into iOS device owners’ lives. So far so good, but what about the price?

iphone 5c pricing canada

Well, its pricing would suggest that it can’t exactly be called a “low-cost” device:

  •  16 GB iPhone 5C costs $599 unlocked,
  •  for the 32 GB version of the iPhone 5C, you will need to shell out $719.

Compared to the US pricing, Canadians will have to pay a $50 premium for owning the iPhone 5C:

iphone 5c pricing US

Pegatron CEO has “warned” future iPhone buyers that the lower-cost iPhone won’t be cheap. Which one is your choice: the iPhone 5C or the iPhone 5S?

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  • Chrome262

    Really??? how is this low-cost? even if they plan to drop it by xmas they are not going to drop it much. so disappointed on this.

  • CptKirk

    Unfortunately my choice right now is neither. I already have an iPhone 5 so am not really in the market for a cheaper version. Plus the 5s is again more expensive than last year. I moved up to 32GB last year as I wanted more storage. Well last year the price went up $50 for the previous year and now another $20. I guess I will wait for the iPhone 6.

  • ward09

    I might have gone 5C if it started at $400. $600 is just too much for me.

  • WatDah

    It’s “lower-cost”. They’re not wrong.

  • reformcanada

    So pretty much the iPhone 5C is the iPhone 5 with a few colour options. Big deal! What a disappointing keynote.

  • Chrome262

    true, but low-cost is different then lower-cost lol. going from a billion to 900 million is lower cost, but its far from low cost. Lol. Still not what I was hoping for.

  • Chrome262

    Yeah why not just pay 119 more to bet way better features

  • Chrome262

    I was thinking the same thing, but in Feb my contract goes up. Don’t want to lose my 6gig plan, but it would be nice to get two new phones, and with 400 fido dollars I could get one for each of us. ugggg.

  • WatDah

    Yeah but who said anything about low-cost? Maybe at the very beginning of the rumors, but it’s was quickly rumoured as “lower” and not “low”. Apple doesn’t do things that way. Lol

  • CptKirk

    I’m actually more upset with the carriers. I started with a 3G with fido and paid $45 a month. $20 voice and $25 data. I switched to an unlocked phone and they have given me a decent price per month for my phone and one for my wife.

    Since the elimination of the 3 year plans they have slowly upped the prices. So right now we are paying around $70 tax in for two. Now the lowest voice plan is $30. I know it’s not a huge increase, but when I paid my contract off I was expecting a lower monthly rate.

    It’s to the point where I am now thinking of getting rid of my iPhone all together as I use about 10 minutes of voice a year. I think I’d be better with a 3GS ipad mini and an iPod touch for portability.

    It doesn’t help that apple is increasing the price every year too. But then again, the products don’t disappoint.

  • Chrome262

    Well you could keep the phone and just use data, I still use minute but its 300 shared by the 3 of us, the carriers saw this coming and have progressively increased data prices. So in the end it doesn’t matter what you do you will pay more for data. One thing is, you can pay what you use to with Wind, and if you get anyone of the new iPhones, they have tones of bands now, you should be able to use them. Or better yet maybe wind will carry them.

  • Canucks

    I am on the same boat. I have tons of Fido dollars with the 6GB plan and for sure going to use some on the new iPhone. I was told I can do that.

  • Canucks

    iPhone with no LTE? He is also using other wireless devices as well. Not a good option.

  • Chrome262

    You can, If they tell you other wise they are full of shit, its on their website. Yeah I am just going to bail on Fido, and go to Wind, after i drain all the Fido dollars lol.