iPhone 5S and Cheap iPhone Rumoured For an August 2013 Launch


Rumours of a cheaper iPhone gained traction at the beginning of this year as Apple seems to face constant pressure from all directions. The company appears to respond to market demand by finally materializing the highly-anticipated device in August this year, the most recent rumour claims.

iphone 3 back

The details come from a Chinese site EMSOne (via AppleInsider), and are reinforced by the Japanese site Macotakara, citing Barclays Capital analysts who claim the low-cost iPhone will be built in 2013 by both Foxconn and Pegatron.

Furthermore, the upcoming iPhone 5S, the next generation flagship Apple handset, will reportedly be a global smartphone, which make us think it will sport the recently introduced Qualcomm chipset operating on all 40 bands available worldwide.

In these terms, the iPhone 5S will also be compatible with China Mobile’s TD SCDMA network, which is currently incompatible with the iPhone 5.

The cheaper iPhone won’t be a world phone though, according to this rumour, as it will only support the frequency division duplex (FDD), while China Mobile uses time division duplex (TDD) for its 4G LTE network.


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    Holy shit you guys gotta stop with the cheap iphone rumours, it’s seriously so annoying when you guys post a new rumour every day. And you guys always word it like its confirmed, it’s just a rumour that was posted by a guy who just guessed. 3/4 of the post on here are fuckin rumours and gay annoying “fan made concepts” that no one cares about cause they will never happen. This site was better when Gary was the only author, sorry to say it, but I remember a time when iphoneincanada talked about real iphone news like jailbreaks, apps, and hardware. Not this bullshit.

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  • Rumors are useful for me in deciding when to upgrade my phone. You write good first lines/heds so I can skip those I am not interested in, too.

  • Should do a poll and see how many people wants rumours on this blog. I come here for Canadian iPhone related news.

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