Apple’s iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c Event Recap: What You Need to Know [VIDEO]


Apple today announced the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c at their special event in Cupertino. There was lots going on today so here’s a video recap created by our own @MeadorsMusings who summarizes the news perfectly:

Here are some stories before the event took place:

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  • FerrariF1

    I will be buying a black 5S unlocked! Can’t wait :D!!

  • adam

    5c is too expensive. getting none of the newer technologies, cheaper shell and do we know if it has even the a7 chip? and only 100$ cheaper… sad really. they had to drop it to at least 499$.

  • pmarcovi

    I will be getting 5s gold unlocked!

  • Chrome262

    It is the 5 with a new back and a new communication chip, so you get more bands. Other then that if you have the 5 its the same thing, in terms of processing and performance.

  • Chrome262

    Only reason (besides just playing with the fingerprint thing) I would get this is because of the expanded bands available and makes travel so much easier. Also making switching to a different carrier (Wind) alot easier as well. Still debating on just waiting till next year. You think there will be a iPhone 6C? a 5s with plastic cover?

  • Flaxx

    Does it really have more bands or is it just the AWS iPhone 5? Besides Apple’s marketing, which I’m losing faith in since they act like the 5C is revolutionary, is the only place it’s mentioned and they aren’t specific about which bands.

  • Chrome262

    @gary would know the exact link but I remember seeing the list of bands, and its basically all the LTE bands out there. They want to phone to work in the Asian markets and there are tons of different ones out there. The last update to the 5 (of course after I bought mine) after April did add some AWS bands as well. In either case it should work on virtually any network. They even mention it in the video that its the culmination of improvements on the 5.

  • Chrome262

    They don’t mention Wind in the list, but with that list it should

  • DaveMcG

    FYI: rep at Apple store @ Southgate Mall says they haven’t been told to not sell unlocked 5S’s on day 1. Check with your store before you line up next week to be safe!

  • WIND doesn’t have an LTE network that’s why. But 1700/2100 bands are listed on the iPhone specs page, which means AWS should be supported.

  • Jesse

    I hope that’s true also in the states as well… Last year I had to wait until I got back home from the states to buy one (since they weren’t letting you buy it outright. I’m hoping its different this year because of T-Mobile) but then when I bought it outright it was locked to fido since they weren’t selling unlocks in store just online which then I had to spend another 50 bucks to unlock it. So annoying I tell ya.

  • stiguy

    Hopefully they sell the 5S unlocked in store in canada this year, it was a pain ordering online with the phone selling out in seconds and the lineup to get one in store forcing you to buy a locked one even when paying the non contract price.

    I called today at the Apple Store Polo Park and they said they do not have any info and to call mid week next week for confirmation.

  • Supacon

    Is it possible to get an unlocked iPhone 5s from anyone other than Apple on launch day?

  • Unfortunately, no.

  • olala

    I’m on a tight budget but really like the new iPhone 5s. Sold my iPhone 5 16G locked to Rogers for $450. I wondered why people on kijiji would sell their iPhone 5 at $400… Couldn’t get a better price when everyone else was selling it so cheap…