Apple: iPhone 5s Online Orders Start 12:01AM PDT on Sept. 20

Apple has informed its customers via email online unlocked iPhone 5s orders will commence at ’12:01AM PST’ (it’s actually still PDT), or 3AM EDT on September 20, while retail stores will open at 8AM local time.

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Yesterday we exclusively confirmed Apple Stores in Canada will open at 8AM local time and will offer unlocked iPhone 5s units at launch; last year’s iPhone 5 retail launch did not offer unlocked sales initially.

The iPhone 5s appears to be limited in supply due to low yield rates (and possibly component supply constraints) or anticipated heavy demand for the newest device, hence the lack of online pre-orders this year.

The best way to make your pre-order on the 20th is to use the Apple Store iOS app to bypass the heavy traffic load usually gets bombarded with. Yesterday, the app performed flawlessly for iPhone 5c pre-orders.

Thanks Jason!

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  • @HAL8950

    Thanks for the update Gary, helps us who are looking for an unlocked phone on launch day!

  • Cheers!

  • Vinnie

    Retail stores, as in the Apple store?

    Does this include, FutureShop / Best Buy or even a Rogers retailer?

  • Yep. All stores at 8AM on Sept. 20.

  • Vinnie

    Great! thx.

  • Kei

    Is the iPhones 5S bought from the Apple Store, factory unlocked able to work with Wind? Deciding to ditch Fido’s ridiculous plans.

  • The iPhone specs say it supports 1700/2100 bands, which are AWS, so theoretically they should, just like recent iPhone 5 builds that are T-Mobile ready. Too early to confirm it by just looking at the specs.

  • Kei

    I really do hope so. Fido is just insane.

  • Patrick Ducharme

    I dont think that unlocked will be at Futureshop or bestbuy… Just Apple Retail Stores or Online store.

  • T_T ?

    So how much would the ECF be then? Is it still $20 a month on Rogers?

  • T_T ?

    If you look at your iPhone 5 and you got it after April 2013 or had it replaced, you will see that WIND shows up. If you go across the line to the USA, you should also see T-Mobile 3G.

  • Vinnie

    I think you’re right. I’m planning on getting the contract pricing… ugh. I’ll visit my local FutureShop the night before and ensure they received their stock and when they open. (not that I doubt Gary!)

  • Tim Aucoin

    Hahaha… Just has my 5 replaced under Apple Care..(stooped rain!) Should make it very easy to sell now that I’ve ordered my 5s!!

  • Oh, I was answering about all stores opening at 8AM, not referring to where unlocked sales would happen (only Apple Stores).

  • Canucks

    I am using Fido $60 plan. I am able to keep my current plan and upgrade to iPhone 5s. As long as your current plan is $60+, you should be fine.

    The most important is with my Fido plan, I can use LTE network on my new iPhone 5s!!! 40Mbps speed is “insanely” fast! You should stick with other phones like S3 or 4S if LTE is not important to you.

  • Kei

    I already sold my iPhone 5 and I was using the $39 smart plan. I’ve already requested a cancellation. I’ll see how much I can push Fido since I have 3 numbers on the same account. Seems like my 13 years with Fido is going to come to an end.

  • Kei

    Did the same with my iPhone. I sold it for $580 😛

  • Tim Aucoin

    Was it a 32gb or 64??

  • Kei

    16GB Black. Factory Unlocked

  • Tim Aucoin

    Ooh! Mine is a 64gb factory unlocked! Hoping to get at least $700!