iPhone 5S Production To Begin Later This Month, Release In October [Report]

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Jefferies & Co analyst Peter Misek has said in a report today that Apple’s next iteration of iPhone a.k.a the iPhone 5S, will go into production at the end of this month and that it will be released in late September or early October (via BusinessInsider). The analyst added that production of Apple’s low cost iPhone, which he believes will sell for $300-$400 without subsidy, is already underway.

“He believes Apple is going to put in orders for 50-55 million iPhones in the fourth quarter, with 5 million iPhone 4Ss, 20 million low-cost iPhones, and 25 million iPhone 5Ss.”

Misek notes in his report that the Apple’s low cost iPhone will be more of a ‘mid-tier phone’, due to which it will “not be competitive in emerging markets”. He further said that Apple has been shifting its orders to cut back on iPhone 5S production while increasing low-cost iPhone product for the end of the year.

Apple will no doubt be feeling the pressure to get its next phone out on the market as soon as possible.

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  • reformcanada

    Although I think it is highly unlikely, I would really like to see a 128gb iPhone. I cannot fit even half of my music library (10,000 songs) and I cannot fit all my apps and I record lots of video and take lots of pictures. And videos? Ya right, I had to sacrifice video space over 2 years ago. I am so sick of having to delete stuff just to add more things on my phone every time I sync it to my computer.

  • Nick Frühling

    I question how much you would pay for a 128GB iPhone versus the $25 a year it costs to have all your music always available with iTunes Match.

  • Don

    Do you really have to have 10,000 songs on your iPhone all at once?? Why sacrifice all of that space and have no room for video’s and apps, that’s just rediculous to want 10,000 songs on your phone, you won’t even listen to 3/4 of those songs.

  • wah_gee

    only issue with iTunes match is that when you are “out of your zone,” (e.g., Mexico, USA, etc.), you won’t have access to that music unless you find a wifi hotspot or spend hoards of $$$ on data roaming (even an out of town data pkg. is too expensive).

  • reformcanada

    I have 3000 songs in my music library on my iPhone and I do not listen to the same songs over and over. I hit shuffle and yes, I do listen to all of them.

  • reformcanada

    I don’t want to have to rely on the cloud when I am not in a wifi area and I don’t want to use up all my data by streaming every song I want to listen to.

  • Nick Frühling

    Whenever I go across the border I just download entire playlists the night before I leave, or when I get wifi, do the same. They stay on your iPhone and can be shuffled normally, and you never have to connect to a computer to do it.