iPhone 5S to Get Thinner Bezels and Double Retina Resolution [Rumour]


A new report published by the Chinese site Weiphone [Google Translation] (via Unwired View) claims Apple has plans to increase the resolution of the next-generation high-end iPhone to 1.5 million pixels.


This is more than double that of the current pixel count of the iPhone 5, which stands at 730,000 pixels. Also, the report cannot decide whether the handset will be named iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, but it does conclude that the next-generation handset will sport a 4-inch display.

Furthermore, the report is the first to state that the upcoming iPhone will have a thinner bezel than that of the iPhone 5, suggesting some iPad-mini-like design reminiscence in the handset, which I find particularly interesting, considering that this information was associated only with the iPad 5 until now.

The report also reiterates earlier rumours claiming the next-generation iPhone will be available in multiple colours, and will sport a fingerprint scanner and a 13-megapixel camera sensor, and that the iPhone will begin shipping in September.

Apple introduced the Retina Display with the iPhone 4 back in 2010, doubling the resolution of the previous-generation iPhone. By doubling the resolution again, Apple could raise the bar for many other smartphone manufacturers, but the question is: is this what the company wants to do?

A second rumour — signed by the Korean ETNews [Google translation] — claims one of the craziest things ever: Apple is working on something we can call an iPad “maxi”, measuring 12.9 inches, which could serve as a replacement for textbooks in the classroom. I wonder why the current iPad can’t fill this gap.


  • Flaxx

    Going beyond 350ppi is frankly retarded. The display is less efficient with light and the processor needs to work harder, resulting in a less fluent interface and burning up more battery. And we can’t see the difference! I laugh at 1080p mobile devices when the same manufacturers ship laptops with displays that achieve half that on screens many times larger.

  • K3

    What the rumor is leaning toward is most likely Apples entrance into providing hardware geared for artists, illustrators or designers. Has for the “maxi”…..someone has a weird sense of humor.

  • Chrome262

    Actually the rumour makes sense for the ipad mini. I can’t see them increasing the res, especially if they are worried about battery life. And a thinner bezel on one of the thinnest phones? The iPhone 5 is so strong now, survives better then most other smartphones when dropped. Samsung thinned out the bezel of the S4 and its even more fragile then before. Not a good move, if true.

  • Chrome262

    Yeah I wouldn’t think they would call it that, I mean iPad is already pushing it lol. The maxi? lol lost in translation maybe?

  • @CykfCyyz

    Give a new meaning to the term maxi pad!

  • Wall Man

    Let the youtube humour commence. Introducing the Max iPad.

    Hmm, we have iPad, and iPad Mini, so iPad Max?

  • Exactly what I thought when I read this. Spend more money and take a huge performance hit for a difference that you won’t notice under normal usage? Dumbest idea ever.

  • “Apple’s ‘entrance’ into providing tools geared for artists, illustrators or designers”?!? Apple kinda got their start by providing hardware and software for creative people. They’ve widened their focus lately, and are making more money, it would be weird for them to go back.

    Not only that, but what about this rumour sounds like it’s geared towards those people?

  • bspence88

    People sure love to complain online. Relax people. It’s just a report.