‘iPhone 5se’ Allegedly Leaks, Sitting Next to an iPhone 5 [PIC]


A couple more details were shared on the rumoured upcoming ‘iPhone 5se’, and now we have what claims to be a leaked image of the device, sitting next to an iPhone 5, as posted on the One More Thing forums by user Gijs Raggers (via 9to5Mac).

The image below has an iPhone 5 on the left for reference, with the so-called iPhone 5se beside it on the right, showing off a curved design we’ve come to know from the iPhone 6/6s. The forum user refers to the device as the ‘iPhone 6c’.

4 inch iphone 6 style model

The leak supposedly from from Vietnam, and other forum members pointed out the source has shared accurate leaks in the past, specifically the iPad Air in 2013. How did they figure this out? The image of the table surface, plus the reflection of the lamp, seen in the iPad leak below from a couple years ago:

Ipad air leak

Last week we also saw an alleged hands-on video of the smartphone, showing its design that looks exactly like a smaller iPhone 6.

The next ‘iPhone 5se’ or ‘iPhone 6c’ is seen as the successor to Apple’s current entry level iPhone 5c, which sports a 4-inch display. Some people do not want a larger display and favour smaller iPhones for their easier one-handed use and lower price compared to flagship models.

This rumoured device is said to house Apple’s 8MP camera from the iPhone 6, along with NFC for Apple Pay, A8 CPU, Bluetooth 4.2, VoLTE, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, support for Live Photos plus have the same four colour options from the current iPhone 6s line up. Oh, and it’s rumoured to possibly debut at a March special event.

Stay tuned for more leaks as we make our way through the beginning of 2016. Would you be interested in a successor to the iPhone 5c?


  • OliChabot

    Why not just keep the iPhone 5s ?

  • ipostic

    Because Apple wants to sell something new to people who have 5S already 🙂 Introducing: 6C. Just like 5S but a lot cooler and newer. Give us your $800 now!

  • Nailed it

  • wahgee88

    Unfortunately, I maybe one of those suckers who wants this – I like the smaller form factor. I also want ApplePay and a faster device.

  • I would think because some people quite like the size of the 5s, but would also love a phone that is powerful enough to run future iOS updates.

  • I don’t think that makes you a sucker at all. Just someone who wants an up-to-date phone in a size that you’re comfortable with. I think that’s what everyone wants.