iPhone 6 Said to Feature ‘Only’ 1 GB of RAM


Iphone 6 1GB RAM rumour

A freshly leaked document claimed to be the schematics for the iPhone 6’s A8 SoC suggests the next-generation Apple handset will come with 1 GB of RAM, falling short in terms of tech specs compared to other high-end Android smartphones, which sport 2 GB of RAM (via GforGames).

The schematics come from GeekBar, a source that previously leaked internal components of unreleased Apple products, so it has some sort of credibility. If the above chart is legit, the next-generation iPhone will join the line of the iPhone 5 and 5s, which all feature 1 GB of RAM.

Although it is enough for a great user experience, the amount of RAM is lower compared to competing devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8, which feature 2 GB of RAM.

For tech-specs hunters, this may sound like a good reason to choose another smartphone, but iOS developers seem to agree that 1 GB of RAM is enough. Let’s not forget, though, that Apple never emphasized the amount of RAM the iPhone packs, but focused on the seamless user experience instead. As with every rumour, we should take this leak with a grain of salt, though.

Apple is widely expected to announce the iPhone 6 on September 9, with the 4.7-inch version likely to hit the stores about a week later.


  • Richard Xing

    Kind of a letdown…

  • MikeOxlong

    Well, the platform hasnt exactly suffered as a result of the current 1gb levels so. ..

  • Tom

    I believe 4gb of ram is the norm come October

  • Crosseyedmofo

    how so? the 5 with 1 gig outbenchmarked 2 gig galaxies

    gigs isnt the issue its resource management

  • Billdozer

    I have the iPhone 5 with 1gb of ram and with all the tweaks I’m running I’m always using at least 3 quarters of it. I’ll be disappointed if they don’t increase it to 2gb after 2 years of my iPhone 5.

  • iFone

    If you’re the guy who looks at how much ram your phone has, please go to Android. Simple. The marketplace is giving you options if you care about that. If you want an iPhone, please stop whining…just stop.

  • J. W.

    It’s the two schools of thought…you can either (1) optimize code to be able to use memory more efficiently, or (2) throw in more memory (extra hardware cost). I don’t mind either way as long as the phone runs well in the end. Even many Windows Phone devices seem to get by with just 512MB or 1GB of RAM (albeit with a more limited app selection with the former configuration).

  • Dave

    How are you even able to tell how much ram your phone is using at any point? I haven’t noticed a resource monitor before in iOS.

  • The6ee6

    there are apps like “battery” that roughly measure the amount of ram used. Also if u jailbreak that’s easily measured then

  • Dave

    Ya but if you jailbreak you’re effectively running a different OS so memory usage could be completely different?

  • T_T ?

    Could this be the lower end model?

  • T_T ?

    I have the same phone. That’s why I won’t be updating to iOS 8. I find it very hard to believe the RAM will be only 1 GB on their regular (not lower end model).

  • Billdozer

    Which is kinda why I’m looking for more ram.

  • MassDeduction

    I have Windows Phone, which is a RAM-efficient OS like iOS. My first WP has 512MB. So did my second. My next one had 1GB. The two after that both had 2GB. The big improvement with more RAM? *MUCH* better multitasking experience. Which, you know, kind of makes sense.