Apple to Replace iPhone 6/6s Batteries after Shutdown Complaints [u]


According to a NetEase report, Apple China has agreed to replace faulty iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s batteries for consumers who have filed complaints of their handsets spontaneously switching off even if more than half of the battery life is remaining (via ZDNet). Apple China is said to be in contact with its US headquarters over these complaints, although there is no confirmation yet whether the replacements will be free of charge.

Mac low battery screen icon

Earlier this week, the China Consumers Association said it has sent a letter to Apple regarding these complaints, according to which the automatic shutdowns occur when the iPhones still have about 50 to 60% of their battery life remaining, even after an iOS upgrade. The government-backed consumer rights watchdog added that the shutdowns occur even at low or moderate temperatures, and the handsets can only be turned on again after being plugged in.

Given the considerable amount of iPhone 6 and 6s users in the country and the relatively large number of complaints, the association requested Apple to clarify the reasons behind the issues, explain what it will do to correct the issues, explain if there are any problems with the battery, and give feedback regarding how it will handle relevant complaints.

The association didn’t detail the number of users affected by the problem, but shutdown complaints were widely seen on Chinese social networks.

Apple now has 10 working days to reply to the queries of the Chinese association.

Update: Looks like lots of Canadians are experiencing this too. We’ll investigate and update this post.

Update Nov. 20: Apple has launched a program to fix this issue for iPhone 6s users, which comes in the form of a free battery replacement, if eligible.


  • iRule

    This literally just happened to me for the first time yesterday on my 6S. I’m in Canada. Phone shut off with 60% battery charge.

  • Michel Plante

    Strange it never to me with Clean iOS install on both iPhone 6-6S

  • Same! This past weekend my 6S Plus kept shutting off while I was out hiking. Temp was cool autumn, and I thought it might be the weather, then I thought it might be the camera app i was using. It turned on again after every 2nd attempt. 1st attempt always showed the battery low screen, and the 2nd attempt would finally boot up. Very annoying!

  • I have a 6S and this has been happening to me. More so in the last month. Says 43% and then goes off, I keep trying to turn it on and it keeps giving the same percentage, then boom…off and stays off.

  • Ed Cicci

    Same here and my 6S is over a year old.

  • Mine too! I think i was a week out of warranty when it started getting really bad.

  • Kyle Mitton

    I’ve had a battery warning at 17%, jump to 7% then back up to 30% when on the charger

  • ai4281

    Exactly the same thing happened with my 6S, several times last week. It would shut off when the battery was slightly below half full. 1st attempt shows battery low screen, 2nd attempt would be okay.

  • Yesss! This has been happening to me for the last few months. I know I have battery left but my phone shuts down and won’t turn on until I plug it into the wall. I plug it in and I’m right back to where I was before. It’s VERY annoying when it happens and you’re not in the vicinity of a charger.

  • Ed Cicci

    I’m over two months past warranty but I’ll keep my eye on responses here to see if Apple might do something.

  • Atom

    This is has been happening to my iPhone 6 for over six months. So what’s the deal? Can I get my battery swapped here at Apple in Canada or do I need to travel to China?

  • Happens to my wife’s 6s all the time. I was going to take it to the Apple Store, but it was 3 weeks passed the warranty period.

    I sure hope this makes it out to Canada so we can get here fixed too without paying $150-$200

  • MILSIGDirectCanada

    Had it happen to my 6+, they replaced the battery even about 2 weeks after the end of applecare. They said the battery was so swollen that they had to give me a whole phone instead.

  • PaulP

    Happens to me as well. Just the other day my phone had 70% and shut off. When I hit the power button it gave the “need to charge” image. I waited a few minutes and tried again. It turned on and still had 70%.

  • Ed Cicci

    Check to see that you have the latest version of IOS 10.1.1 I checked and noticed that I did not have the latest update. Will keep an eye on the battery situation to see if it changes.

  • Chris Kim

    Haha, this happened to me for the first time last week as well! Wow, I thought this was strange, but assumed it was just a one-time oddity. Hopefully it doesn’t keep happening, but would be great if Apple can figure out what’s going on (and replace batteries if it’s a hardware issue). FYI, I’m pretty sure I already had latest iOS 10.1.1 installed when this happened.

  • RW

    This happens to me on my iphone 6 at around 48%. Very frustrating. Hopefully Canadians can get some resolution to this.

  • inotel54

    my girlfriend has this problem everyday with her 6S … battery shows between 20 to 60% and it shuts down … needs to be plugged in to restart … really annoying

  • Brennan Rusnell

    Happens to me all the time. Thought it was just my iPhone – glad I’m not alone in this!

  • Steve

    This happened once to me last month. It shut down for no reason at around 50%. Could not start it up at all, it seemed completely dead. Plugged it in, and was able to start it. Hasn’t happened since though.

  • Bullite

    Here too. My son 6s shot down at aroud 50%

  • Steve

    I have a 6S Plus by the way, purchased last April.

  • Dryden Sean Lewis

    I had a 6 shutdown and overheat and never come back on in May. Had to purchase a replacement phone. If this goes back to a replacement does anyone think Apple would cover phones replaced in the past?

  • McHuman

    Looks like we need to contact a lawyer since I highly doubt apple executives read the commnets here.

    No offense Gary. Hehe

  • Jonathan

    I have the exact same issue with my phone and they want to charge me to replace it!!

  • Stephane Vallieres

    Happened to me 2 times. Didn’t looked on the web for that. but now that i’m reading this… I’m not alone 🙂


  • Geoff Larsen

    Me too. Went to apple and the tech blamed it on me having too many apps installed. I’ve had numerous prior models and none have been this bad. Battery life sucks.

  • Kamran

    Happened to me last week. Phone turned off after 30%. When I tried turning it on it indicated I had to recharge.

  • Nasir Ali Khan

    My iPhone 6 has same issue. it dies sometime on 50% and sometime 37%. it varies.

  • Kris

    my phone randomly shuts down once the battery level drops below 35%, and trying to turn it on shows plug to charger symbol… when plugging back it, when the phone turns on, it shows over 40% remaining.

  • David

    I’ve had the same issues as other commenters. I took my phone in to get checked before AppleCare expired. They told me the battery was ok, it just had high usage levels. Since I’m holding out for next years iPhone I decided to spend the money on a battery case to ensure it didn’t die suddenly on me anymore.

  • Janet Jones

    This has been happening to me regularly for the past 6 months.

  • McHuman

    I suspect it’s a software issue, since the shutdown is mainly random, if it was a battery problem it would drain constantly, no?

  • Damian

    This happens to me all the time when I am below 40%

    The number varies each time as long as I am below 40.
    Sometimes my phone will shut at 7 other time at 20.

    Basically 40 is a new 0

    Then I turn it back on and the battery shows 65:


  • MathieuM

    I have the same problem with my iPhone 6. Anyone know Apple Canada’s support email address to send in a request in case they do something about it? Thanks!

  • nexusis

    Yeap!!! Everyday freakin’ day ffs!! I’m on a 6+

  • cayaguy

    Most people don’t know how to power cycle the battery that Apple recommends doing at least once a month. Letting the battery drain completely and phone shutting off by itself, then plug the phone in and let it charge to 100% before unplugging it. I’ve had several iPhones and this has ALWAYS worked. My friends have gone into the Apple Store and told the battery is fine (after diagnostic) and informed the same thing. People are too busy now a days constantly plugging and unplugging never letting the battery reset itself which USUALLY the cause of this battery issue. Unless you’ve done over 500 battery charge cycles (which is what the diagnostic can determaine)

  • Kevin

    I was having trouble with my battery, before apple care expired I took it in and was told to reset my phone. After procrastinating and having serious problems, I reset it only to discover I still had issues. After some discussion, they replaced my battery free of charge last weekend.

  • Larry

    I was having this problem with my iPhone 6 starting late 2015. When it shut off one morning this past May showing 43% battery charge I took it to the Apple store in Vancouver. After a couple of checks including showing the battery health at over 80%, they gave me a new phone with no hassle, under my Apple Care warranty. No further problem since.

  • Piotr

    This is very strange… finally is it software or hardware issue?

  • Luc Lacourciere

    This happens to my iPhone 6 all the time as well. Apple verified the battery and they insist it is fine. They suggested resetting the phone, and if that did not work, setting up the phone as a new phone again and reinstalling everything from scratch. Tried their suggestions and it still happens regularly.

  • erth

    i have this issue as well. i notice that the battery may be at 24% or 5% and i try to do something, and then, it shuts down. it doesn’t happen a lot as i constantly am charging my phone when it gets to 50%.
    what do we do now? i have apple care on all my products from apple

  • Mr Dog

    Had this occur to me as well and had to pay the $$ to get it replaced 🙁

  • Mr Dog

    The worst part is most tech, dont know much about batteries. A test showed that after a year the battery capacity was less than 80% and insisted that a restore might fix it. A restore these days can easily take close to a few hours of your time.

  • cayaguy

    Why so passive aggressive? Jesus relax.

    “When I should do a full battery charge
    Experts recommend that you do a full zero to 100% battery recharge (a “charge cycle”) maybe once a month only. This recalibrates the battery – a bit like restarting your computer, or, for humans, going on holiday! The same goes for laptops, by the way.”

    That quote is directly from mac uk and Canada websites.

    You don’t have to agree with me but you’re probably one of these people with the battery problem.

  • Kevin D.

    Luckily I was able to get mine replaced under Apple Care right before it ended. Let’s hope the new batteries don’t have this issue. By the way I had to call Apple Care myself as my Apple Store said the battery was fine, passed the test and didn’t want to change it.

  • Hoegy

    Been having this problem for a few months now, have had the phone shut down on a battery life as high as 40%. Only way to get it back on it to plug it in. Hoping that apple ends up replacing the batteries for free cause I’m out of warranty. Spoke to support today and they were saying its a software issue and they are working on an update that they said is coming out in the next few days.

  • Mac McNeil

    Ive done a zero to 100% more than once plus a complete reset to factory settings and a restore. I still get the issue on my 6. Down to 40-45% and then it shuts down. Plug it in and it’s right back to 30%.

    The battery life app reports about 20% wear level.

  • Mac McNeil

    Me too. Exactly.

  • Mac McNeil

    Well that’s bloody good news. Let’s see if it pans out.

  • Anon

    I have this problem with my 6 Plus and it dies randomly anytime after 40ish%, usually when using the phone in a bit cooler weather. I’ve power cycled every month since I’ve had it, so unfortunately that’s not a fix for me. I’ve only noticed this since upgrading to iOS 10, so hopefully it’s software related as mentioned in a post below.

  • UPDATE: Apple has launched a free fix for eligible iPhone 6s devices suffering from this “unexpected shutdown” problem; read here:

  • Forrestgump

    Is there any confirmation that they will be fixing iPhone 6 battery as well for Canadians who’s apple care is expired ?

  • Geoff Larsen

    Mine too. I hope this gets fixed soon.

  • I just got a replacement. Did you contact Apple with the issue?

  • Ed Cicci

    I did last night after your message and have a Genius bar appointment on Monday. I hope I’m as lucky as you and get a replacement.

  • I did mine all online since we don’t have any stores here. They shipped out a new one to me and I had to ship mine back. Hope you get it!

  • Alain Bessette

    I have the same issue, sometime, from 60 to shutdown in 10 minutes.
    IPhone 6plus buy unlocked at applestone in december 2015, still waranty?
    I dont have applecare.

  • HighTaxes1

    I read on another thread (comments closed on that more recent thread) that you “did mine with a certified apple repair location. They were a million
    times more helpful then AppleCare over the phone. They ordered the
    battery , called me , then did it while I was out for lunch. It’s like
    having a new phone , battery is much better all around.”

    I tried that. I made an appointment with the authorized Apple repair location nearest me, which is a Best Buy store. However, when I went to the Best Buy’s “Geek Squad” desk, I was told they do NOT replace the batteries there. The batteries are shipped out for some untold amount of time and there is no loaner phone. I said no way and left.

  • PatMoe

    Apple support just told me they only replace on the 6S. Mine is a 6 with
    identical problems and they said there would be a charge to get this
    fixed. I told them I’ll replace it with a Samsung before I do that.