iPhone 6 Bend Test vs HTC One M8, Moto X, Nokia Lumia [VIDEO]


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Are we done with these bend tests yet? Toronto-based YouTube channel Unbox Therapy helped kickstart ‘bend gate’ with its iPhone 6 Plus video, after following up on earlier reports some users had accidentally bent their devices while in their pockets.

The YouTube channel has now released a final video putting the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 against the HTC One M8, Moto X and a Nokia Lumia. Check out the results below:

So it turns out the iPhone 6 is stronger than the iPhone 6 Plus, according to the unscientific tests. The bottom line? If you have a valuable (and expensive) smartphone in your pocket, people with brains will most likely be conscious whether device is being put under stress while in your pants (i.e. skinny hipster jeans).


  • Shane

    I’ve seen people with bent 5’s and 5s’s so this isn’t anything new. Obviously with the bigger size of the plus the bending is easier and more pronounced so that’s why it’s only a big news story now.

  • Bingo.

  • IS

    I LOVE Apple products, but I’m shocked how uneducated some people just are on the internet. It just looks like some people just didn’t pay enough attention in their physics classes back in high school or university. (or to dumb to understand). Having a larger screen = yes. easier to crack the screen when hit. BUT. having 2cm longer and 2mm thicker body does NOT mean the material becomes easier to bend. Apple just did not make it thicker enough for 6+. that’s it. period. Go take some science classes people…

  • JackMa

    I will wait for iPhone 6S Plus as am sure Apple will fix this bend issue.

  • I understand what you’re saying. But before the first ‘bend’ video and the original ‘bend’ story, did you ever think about putting your new iPhone 6 Plus to a bend test? Seriously, with a new $1000 phone, surely people are smart enough to take care of their new toy and not go around bending it to put it under a stress test. That’s just stupid. This is being blown out of proportion.

  • IS

    I totally agree with you that the idea of doing a bend test is just really stupid. I would never ever try that with my $1000 phone. However, if my phone bends just by leaving it in my pants’ front pocket for couple hours, I would NOT call that a normal wear and tear. but yes. i agree that the bend test is stupid.

  • o_clement

    ” if my phone bends just by leaving it in my pants’ front pocket for couple hours”

    Well that’s the thing: It’s not about leaving it in your pockets and just going around for a couple hours, it’s about people putting it in their pocket and then *stiting*, having the jeans bend the phone because the pocket is just too small for it

    And I mean, really? it’s fucking too big to even think of putting in a jeans pocket, these guys are unreal

  • The first story of the device bending in a pocket is unverifiable. It’s too easy to just say “it bent in my skinny yoga jeans while doing hot yoga.” Heck, it might have been a Samsung shill creating this mess!

    I mean, who leaves their phone in their pocket for hours at a time to the point where there’s enough stress to bend the phone? Wouldn’t you remove it at some point due to discomfort? Or do you go straight to an Internet forum and post about it first?

    If you say on it in your back pocket and it bent–that’s called an accident (a very stupid one).

  • Biggy604

    They may fix it earlier and release it half way through its life span before the 6S/6S+/6C/6C+ drops (thats alot of 6’s lol).

  • Anon

    What’s funny is his posts in the Mac Forums state that his dress pants were loose not tight, and that he felt no pressure on the phone when sitting ‘otherwise I would of taken it out’ as he put it.

    My theory is that he had big pockets, and that the phone fell horizontally in his pocket, across his upper thigh. Sitting down, probably caused slight pressure on the phone and his thigh, but not enough to cause any concern. But as the hours passed, standing up, sitting down, the slight pressure over time caused it to bend.

    Even the UnboxTherapy dude (before bending this 6 Plus) mentioned that he front-pocked his 6 Plus, and when he took it out, notice a very slight bend in the phone. lol

  • Anon

    This is absolutely NOT being blown out of proportion – if you pay 1300 for a brand new unlocked smartphone, IT BETTER NOT BEND! Does my $4000 MacBook Pro with Retina Display BEND????? – I think NOT! This is a serious design flaw, and Apple needs to respond!

  • Anon

    If they do a fix, it will be like Antennagate when they gave out free bumpers. In this case, they’ll probably give out free hard cases.

  • Are you going to put your MacBook Pro through a bend test? How do you know it won’t bend?

  • Anon

    Couldn’t you of picked another user name, instead of using mine? Geez. By the way, this is what happens when you build a phone out a super thin piece of tin-foil aluminum and stretch it over 5.5″. There is absolutely nothing they can do at this point, other that to provide a free hard case to make it more rigid. Lets hope the next 6S Plus is made out of a solid block of aluminum, like the HTC One M8.

  • Steve

    Or build simular to the Moto X, you can pocket that in skinny jeans and sit on your ass all day without it bending. I can careless about an all aluminum tin foil casing.

  • Artigas

    It’s not the same thing. The iPhone 6 plus is a product that is supposed to withstand being carried in a pocket.

  • IS
    Apple admitted the issue. End of the story. Some phones are just made with poor quality.

  • AEdouard

    Have to be careful I guess with the Plus, but far from a deal breaker for me. I would not carry it to much in my pants pockets anyway, as it’s not exactly comfortable. Coat pocket, man purse, suit jacket pocket for the win.

  • midnightdoom

    Plus if it’s bending in pockets, where most people put their phones. What is this doing to the battery over time. I haven’t looked at the tear down, but my old iphones the battery was almost the same size as the phone screen