Toronto Man Busted for Selling iPhone 6 Boxes Filled with Rice


You ever meet up with people to buy iPhones in sealed boxes? Well, you may want to think twice, in case the boxes are actually filled with nothing but rice.

Water Soaked iPhone in Rice

Image via Macworld

Toronto Police issued a release yesterday to note they are seeking more victims after 21-year old Gyimah Andrews Boateng, was charged with two counts of Fraud Under $5,000, for selling iPhone 6 boxes filled with rice, instead of the smartphones, to buyers on classifieds website Kijiji.

Two victims (ages 20 and 27) have come forward, detailing how they met up with a man in northwest Toronto to purchase what appeared to be sealed boxes containing an iPhone 6. Unfortunately for these buyers—who paid in cash—the boxes were filled with rice instead when they opened them up later.

The transactions took place last month and most recently the beginning of February. Police believe more victims may be out there, and are asking them to come forward to help with the investigation.

Boateng appeared in court on February 10 and was also charged with two counts of False Pretence Under $5,000 and Breach of Court Order as well.

We’ve seen similar scams in the past before, where scammers would sell iPad boxes filled with clay, or return iPhones to carriers but with knock offs posed as legitimate models.

If you’re making an iPhone purchase on Kijiji or Craigslist, it’s always good to test a working phone before you hand over the cash—and also check the IMEI on Apple’s Activation Lock Status page, to ensure the device hasn’t been previously noted as lost or stolen.


  • This happened to a buddy of mine as well, but it wasn’t full of rice.
    Buddy of mine bought a “Sealed Box” never been opened, paid $600 for the new BlackBerry Torch 2 at the time, and when he got home and opened it, there was a used Black Berry Torch 1 in there, all scratched up and dinged up from being dropped.

    clearly the guy upgraded, and stuck the old beat up phone in the back and applied all the stickers. I’ve seen people “Seal” a box too with shrink wrap and a heat gun, which compresses the wrap and if they’re good at it, you almost cannot tell it wasn’t professionally done.

    Moral of the story, Don’t trust anyone. Everyone is a liar until the end of the deal. I’ve had people hand me money for a phone and try and leave, upon counting it, they’re $100 short, one which you stop them from leaving… it’s a tough world out there selling phones.

  • Yeah there’s some shady sellers and buyers out there. It’s stories like this why third party trade-in services are popular, despite the lower value.

  • Totally agree.

  • YesForHanging

    They should hang on him. Send a goddamn message already. We need a death penalty.

  • YesForHanging

    hang him*** not on him lol.

  • gerry

    In some cities you can make transaction deals at a local police station. Even if someone tries to rip you off, least they can get arrested on the spot lol.

  • I normally sell at Starbucks at my house. I know the manager and can easily get access to the security cams if I need. I don’t buy used, ever.

  • M. D.

    you can arrange to buy/sell iphones at Apple Stores. If they aren’t too busy, they can also run a check on the ‘serial’ before doing the transaction – at least according to a genius at a previous appointment

  • This would be a great meeting place for sure. The police station idea is good too, just make sure cops are ready to pull out their ‘nines guns blazing

  • Robert B

    Sure the guy should go to jail. But you know what, if you’re stupid enough to hand over money without checking, not just what is in the box, but if it works, you kind of got what you deserved. I sell my Apple stuff on line every time I upgrade and I am happy to let them test it out, but I have never run into someone who just handed me the money and left with the untested product. You know why? Because they are not that STUPID!

  • Stefan

    The problem here is a sealed box. I am guessing buyers assume everything is legit because box is “factory sealed”. They do not want to break the seal because they are planing using iPhone as a gift.

  • Stefan

    Sure we should bring back hand chopping and thoung slicing while we are at it. If an innocent man gets to lose his hand and he later proves that he was inosent it is not a problem for him to grow a new hand, and in a case of handing we can always bring him back from the dead

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