iPhone 6 Rumoured to Feature Curved Display and Drop Dual, Glass-Covered Antennae


There is a great chance for Apple to adopt curved display for the next-generation iPhone, Japanese Mac Otakara has heard.

What’s more, the iPhone 6 will reportedly have rounded corners, which compares to the straight-edged design the company adopted for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5s. To get a visual idea of what the next-generation iPhone’s edges will look like, the report compares it to the Squair Curvaceous Bumper, a bumper made of aluminum that features a rounded design.

Aluminum bumper

The rounded edges relate to the curved display technology Apple may adopt with the iPhone 6, the rumour claims. Also, with the next-generation model, the company will likely drop the dual glass-covered antenna design, the source says, which could mean that we will likely see an all-aluminum iPhone 6.

Rumours of the next-generation Apple handset mention two new models for this year: a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch version. As we previously reported, there are whispers about the latter being postponed until next year, while the 4.7-inch display model rumours are getting stronger – a case manufacturer has even started production of an iPhone 6 case based on the schematics of a 4.7-inch model.


  • Tim

    Curved display? Not a chance.

  • Anon

    Those rounded edges make the phone look like total cheap crap. The current sharp edges look way better.

  • Kirk

    Wow… So not happening… Curved display? Heck no…

  • tHoj101

    I think people hear ‘curved display’ and get a little crazy because they don’t understand how subtle of a design element it will be. It’s pretty clear that the display will slightly curve into the edges of the device, essentially creating a flat face with round edges, like a flattened peddle (the rock, not the pedometer). Jony Ive is known for reducing the amount of surfaces on a product (especially a mobile product) in order for it feel smooth in the hand, and seeing as the iPhone is getting a bump in size, removing the harsh angular edges seems natural. The chamfered edge of a 4.7 inch iPhone would dig into your opponens pollicis when scrolling and make it uncomfortable to grip, a ‘curved display’ would solve this design issue, and many others.