iPhone 6 Dimensions Leak from Foxconn, Confirm Protruding Camera [PICS]


New details, including the dimensions of both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models of the forthcoming iPhone 6 have been revealed by French site Since the leak is coming directly from Foxconn, it apparently confirms the protruding camera and the model codenaming we’ve seen so far: N56 for the 5.5-inch and N61 for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

Iphone 6 dimension leak

Disappointingly for many, Apple has apparently decided to proceed with a protruding camera for the iPhone 6. This design change could be seen as reminiscent of the iPod Touch design, although we kind of question that for two reasons: (1) the leak seem to come from the same source, so we are missing a second source that could confirm the above, and (2) Apple is said to make the iPhone 6 thinner than the iPhone 5s. Well, the protruding camera makes it thicker than the iPhone 5s, at least according to the leaked schematics: the 5.5-inch version is said to measure 7.7 mm in depth due to the protruding camera (otherwise 7.1 mm), while the iPhone 5s measures 7.6 mm.

Iphone 6 dimension leak 1

Anyway, the leaked images claim to show the exact dimensions of the iPhone 6: the 4.7-inch version is said to measure L138.14 x W66.97 x D 6.9 mm, but there is no information about its weight. The 5.5-inch model is said to measure L158.07 x W77.79 x D7.1 mm. There is an interesting twist regarding weight: there is model weighing184.6 g, and another one listed as weighing 168.5 g.

In accordance with previous rumours, the source claims the iPhablet will feature a bigger, 2915 mAh battery, but it did not specify whether it will be equipped with sapphire glass or not.

Iphone 6 dimension leak 2

An interesting addition to what we’ve already heard is that Apple allegedly considered incorporating a 2.5 mm audio jack, but scrapped the idea due to compatibility issues.

Apple is widely expected to launch the iPhone 6 on September 9.


  • Rio

    I think I see 2 power buttons? Side and Top?

  • aaloo

    yeah, what’s up with that. dedicated camera button? but the volume up button does that already. oh i get it, its the apple firefly feature. haha. /s

  • IstvanFekete


  • Erica Mathis

    This was their chance to come up with a new beautiful design. The straight edges of the current iPhone have a real premium look and feel, not sure the rounded edges on the new ones will give the same impression.

  • CMfly

    Not sure the extra mm in the lens height matter since most will put some sort of a case on the phone and it will most likely but cut around the lens anyways making the body of the phone’s thickness actually matter. Maybe the protruding lens is to be able to attach other lenses like those other third party magnetic ones..?

  • stewie gordon

    Protruding camera, just like Samsung phones. Say it ain’t so?