Case Maker Performs an iPhone 6 Drop Test from Space [VIDEO]


Urban Armor Gear tested their new White Composite Case for the iPhone 6 by dropping the device from outer space. While space drop tests aren’t necessarily new, they are always fun to watch.

The iPhone 6 ascended into lower space during a 3 hour and 45 minute flight, reaching a height of over 101,100 feet (30.8 kilometres), while experiencing temperatures of extreme cold as -61 degree Celsius and wind speeds of 113 KM/h. During the device’s descent back to Earth, the iPhone was able to hold up against 150 RPM rotation speeds when the parachute deployed.

Check out the video below:

Urban armor gear

“Our cases already meet military drop-test standards, but now we can officially say that they are space tested as well,” said Steve Armstrong, co-founder of Urban Armor Gear. “The fact that the iPhone survived its space adventure and returned fully functioning showcases our commitment in providing our customers world-class, or in this case out of this world, protection for their premium devices.”

The Urban Armor Gear Navigator case retails for $34.95 US from the California company and says it meets military drop-test standards.


  • enh, that wasn’t a free-fall drop test if it used parachutes. But very cool nonetheless 🙂

  • that wasn’t a drop test. but for sure a cold temp test, and altitude test.

  • Al

    Big f’n deal. A phone without a case would have the exact same result.

  • BS Detector

    Lame x100.

  • Tim

    can you hear me now?

  • ????Dennis

    Marketing ploy… I’m sure they also tested it without a parachute, but that didn’t go too well.

  • Tim

    So the case was integral to protecting the iphone how exactly? The little plop on the dirt at the end? Maybe they should have invested less money in the cheesy overlay of simulated 90’s computer graphics and focussed more on promoting the strengths of the case itself.

    Future more, the case isn’t insulated so I doubt it offered much in terms of temperature protection. Humidity would have been minimal and likely within the specs of the phone. I doubt the case made the altitude shifts more tolerable too. Basically the iPhone is what protected the iPhone. This video insults our intelligence by trying to suggest that flying an iPhone to the edge of space was made possible by a case, in lieu of any meaningful drop test.

    There are a million videos of balloons doing this. They’ve accomplished nothing here.

  • Al

    hehehe … Yea, what’s cell reception and roaming fees like up there?