Alleged iPhone 6 Rear Shell Images Hint at Light-Up Logo


A new set of images of the alleged iPhone 6 rear shell, showing the part in a “market-ready” version, was posted today by uSwitch. The blog also claims to have found proof of what has been said to be arriving for years now: the Apple logo on the back of the next-generation iPhone will light-up when new emails, SMS messages, or updates arrive.

Iphone 6 rear shell front

We should mention, though, that besides showing a much clearer view of the inside of the forthcoming iPhone 6, the component still has the antenna breaks, despite previous rumours claiming they would disappear.

Iphone 6 rear shell back

uSwitch arrived at the conclusion that the Apple logo will light up after they compared it to the same component of previous-generation iPhones. As they point out, the plastic part seems to be made thin enough to let out light when a notification arrives.

While the above evidence may convince some, we must note that rumours of a light-up Apple logo have been around for years, before the launch of a new-generation iPhone, just as have the rumours of Apple adopting NFC.

Apple is expected to release two new iPhones this September, and the date of in-store availability is said to be September 19.


  • bionicmonk

    please be fake please be fake please be fake

  • Flash

    Why would you want this to be fake? It will obviously have the ability to be turned off, it will be no different than turning the flash on the current phones for notifications.

  • bionicmonk

    I want the design to be fake, not the light up apple. The light up apple is nice.

  • ipostic

    I totally agree. The rounded design with ugly white lines does not impress me. Hopefully the final product will look nicer.

  • Tim

    that’s great until you say “oh wait…it’s on the back.” I keep my phone facing up when I’m at my desk so I can read the notifications at a glance.

  • websnap

    If the antenna bands are this fat, I’ll be skipping.