iPhone 6 Said to Feature Haptic Feedback Technology


A new wild rumour claims Apple’s iPhone 6 will feature haptic feedback technology on top of all the other improvements we have heard about so far, such as a bigger screen, sapphire glass, and better camera.

IPhone 6 mockup silver 1

The picture is getting clearer: the suppliers are set to work on the forthcoming iPhone 6 as the heart of the device, the A-series processor, has already been shipped to Apple. Now, on top of the previous rumours about the iPhone 6, inside sources have told Laoyaoba (via GforGames) that Apple will use a tactile feedback linear motor, allowing users to feel different vibrations depending on the application scenario and location on the touch screen.

The source mentions that while the iPhone 5s’ vibration motor costs around $0.60, the new motor would triple that cost.

Fact is, Apple has several patents in this area, the latest granted in May this year, showing that the company is indeed interested in haptic technology. This allows users to “feel” the different elements on a page or experience the physical sensation of typing on a keyboard despite typing on a virtual keyboard.

Rumours of haptic feedback had surfaced years ago, before the launch of the iPad 3, but never became reality, as the technology wasn’t yet ready to go mainstream. This year, however, we’ve been hearing about this technology, in relation to iDevices, for the second time now. Earlier last month Feltl analyst Jeffrey Schreiner said haptic feedback technology will make it to the iPhone 6. The Chinese sources apparently corroborate his belief.


  • bionicmonk

    The bezel on the new iPhone 6s is too large. It really needs a redesign rather than “Honey, I blew up the phone”.

  • o_clement

    Errrr…. you know that anything regarding iphone 6 (not 6s by the way) are just rumours and speculations right?

  • tim

    so the phone will use the vibrate motor to buzz when a person hits a key? Kind of like what nearly all android devices have been doing forever.

  • Al

    So the notion here is that they will use up valuable space, which could maybe have been used to increase the battery size, for a gimmick that will eat up even more battery life. Ok, sure… that’s going to happen.

  • bionicmonk

    Too much smoke. There have been numerous leaks for the past few years and the designs were known before release. There is a very high probability that this is indeed the new iPhone design – which is a shame, because it looks terrible blown up like that.

  • Networx

    So everybody’s phone can be equally annoying? Cool.

  • Rio

    For those with disabilities, haptic feedback is a big thing. I am guessing they will advertise it as an accessibility feature.