• bionicmonk

    The bezel on the new iPhone 6s is too large. It really needs a redesign rather than “Honey, I blew up the phone”.

  • o_clement

    Errrr…. you know that anything regarding iphone 6 (not 6s by the way) are just rumours and speculations right?

  • tim

    so the phone will use the vibrate motor to buzz when a person hits a key? Kind of like what nearly all android devices have been doing forever.

  • Al

    So the notion here is that they will use up valuable space, which could maybe have been used to increase the battery size, for a gimmick that will eat up even more battery life. Ok, sure… that’s going to happen.

  • bionicmonk

    Too much smoke. There have been numerous leaks for the past few years and the designs were known before release. There is a very high probability that this is indeed the new iPhone design – which is a shame, because it looks terrible blown up like that.

  • Networx

    So everybody’s phone can be equally annoying? Cool.

  • Rio

    For those with disabilities, haptic feedback is a big thing. I am guessing they will advertise it as an accessibility feature.