Apple’s iPhone 6, Next Gen iPads Could Use Immersion’s Haptic Technology: Analyst


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Will Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 and next generation of iPads utilize haptic feedback technology? If you’re Feltl analyst Jeffrey Schreiner, you believe this is going to happen this fall, reports

Feltl analyst Jeffrey Schreiner said he expects the upcoming Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 6 smartphone and new iPad tablets will include haptic technology. With haptics, users feel vibrations and other forces when touching virtual buttons on touchscreens.

Haptic feedback means the screen vibrates when a user touches the surface, such as when typing on a keyboard to provide the user with physical sensations for feedback. Haptic technology has been long used on Apple’s smartphone rivals, even before the iPhone.

The question remains whether Apple would build haptic technology in-house or use technology from an established player such as Immersion. The rumour of Apple using haptic technology sent Immersion stock up 8.5% in afternoon trading.

Schreiner believes there’s a 50/50 chance Apple would use haptic feedback in its next batch of iOS devices:

“While Apple working with Immersion on haptics within the iPhone 6/iPad could offer meaningful valuation upside, we do see the potential for risk to Immersion if Apple were to go it alone,”

Immersion provides its technology to Apple rivals Samsung, LG and Motorola Mobility to name a few, giving the company a dominant 45-50 percent marketshare of Android-based smartphones.

Back in 2012, Immersion rival Senseg hinted to Pocket-Lint Apple might use its haptic technology in the then release of the iPad 3, which never materialized. The Apple press invite tag-line at the time was “We have something you really have to see. And touch.” which caused many to predict haptics could emerge.

Last fall, Bloomberg reported Apple was developer larger iPhones with curved screens and also the possible use of haptic technology. Their source at the time said “sensors that can distinguish heavy or light touches on the screen may be incorporated into subsequent models.”

Apple is rumoured to launch larger iPhone 6 models in both 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen sizes, to debut sometime this fall, possibly in September.


  • ChrisShield5

    No no no, that would require some pretty big design changes for which there has been no evidence. Someone in China would have leaked it, since it seems all things Apple have become quite leaky as of late.

    Maybe next gen iPhone 7 though. I think it’s more likely on a macbook pro keypad than anything at this point. No one has ever really done haptic right on like anything other than game controllers (and even they get it wrong a lot). It’s a very tough thing to do well. I’m looking at you BB Storm.

  • Matt

    For those who are still wondering about what haptic feedback is, Microsoft does utilize the technology in their xbox one controllers. The triggers vibrate and release a feedback-like feel when, for example, firing a gun in a video game; it reciprocates the feedback you get when firing a gun in real life so it does add a realistic feel to the gamer.

    Just a little tidbit for ya 😉

  • Rob Raymond

    Would they already be mimicking haptic feedback? When going through the process of setting up Touch ID, the device vibrates on successful finger print scan.

    Feels very similar to how my Nexus behaves (although I do understand it’s not on the screen).