First iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Press Reviews Hit the Web [Super Roundup]


Apple’s iPhone 6 review embargo has appeared to have been lifted as of 6PM PDT/9PM EDT, as a whole bunch of press reviews are going live. From the headlines and reviews we’ve glimpsed at so far, people love these new iPhone 6 models (no surprise!).

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Here’s a quick roundup of reviews hitting the web right now might be worth checking out, while you obsessively check the status of your iPhone 6 pre-order leading up to this Friday’s launch.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Combined Reviews

iPhone 6 Plus Reviews
iPhone 6 Reviews
Apple Watch, Apple Case Reviews

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  • Shameer Mulji

    I agree that the John Gruber post @ Daring Fireball is a must-read. He never fails to amaze when it comes to his longer, thought-provoking blog posts.

  • jealoussmellous

    how the heck do these guys get their iphones ahead of launch day?

  • They are review units that Apple lends them.

  • Gruber is the man.

  • Shameer Mulji

    All these guys got their iPhones during Apple’s press event last Tuesday.

  • leafstom

    “Lend” as in “always have to return the unit to Apple” after writing the review? Where’s your “review unit?”

  • websnap

    They only get a week, both Gruber’s and Dalrymple’s review mentions which device they have pre-ordered themselves… See? They are just like us (minus the beard, including the Heineken love)

  • Still waiting for my golden ticket like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  • Ryan

    WHY HAVEN’T ANY REVIEWS/REVIEWERS TRIED TYPING/TEXTING ONE HANDILY WITH THE IPHONE 6 PLUS… I’ve been searching the internet for just one review of someone texting/typing with one hand with the 6 Plus and no one seems to care or even to try smh… Am I the only one who does a quick reply to a text/email with one hand?

  • Dan Kennedy

    If it’s anything like the Note 3, you can text with one hand, just not easily or comfortably. But this is a bit thinner than the note 3, so maybe it’ll be different.

  • Ryan