iPhone 6 Prototype Images Allegedly Leaked from Foxconn [PICS]


A series of images surfaced today claiming to show an iPhone 6 prototype. The images have appeared just a couple days after a sketchy drawing of the alleged iPhone 6 surfaced.

The images were posted on Weibo, and spotted by GforGames, with the source claiming that they are leaking images of an iPhone 6 prototype under testing at Foxconn, Apple’s major iPhone assembly partner. As you can see from the images below, the next-generation handset apparently has a protruding camera similar to that of the iPod Touch, with rounded edges.

On top of the rumours we have been hearing, the alleged iPhone 6 images – questionable though they are, just like every other unverified information – show a thinner device. The latest whispers claim that the iPhone 6 will be as thin as 7 mm, but we will wait until further evidence surfaces.

Until then, take these images with a grain of salt, as they can easily come from any of the iPhone clone manufacturers.

Iphone 6 01

Iphone 6 02

Iphone 6 03


  • Farids

    I’d like to know what the little dot on the lower right side of the phone is. On the schematics, there’s a description text for it too, but not clear enough to be readable.

  • Tim

    If these are real, I’m not sure what’s more damaging for Apple, the leak itself or Foxconn’s apparent use of Windows based PC’s to build iphones. 🙂

  • Biggy604

    It looks like a lay out or an early design use of the iPhone 5C to me.

  • FragilityG4

    A mic? A scanner? A projector? A light saber??

  • Jim

    It’s the cursor for the program in ‘image move’ mode.

  • BeaveVillage

    I’ll be standing in line for this one, can’t wait.

  • xxxJDxxx

    sim tray?